New worries for the people of the UK from 01.01.2021

Visa-free remains, but that’s all you get folks

The real BrExit is only a few hours away (31.12.2020) and the people with UK passports are starting to realize how hard it will be for them to travel and live in Europe from now on. Let’s be honest, not all Britons will feel the difference. Visa-free travel with the EU will remain unaffected, so general travel for business or leisure will be almost as easy as it was until now.

Access to the EU – problems for property owners, freelancers, athletes, artists

It will be not as easy for those who wish to live long-term in Europe though. Those who travel extensively (athletes, artists, freelancers, etc.) will also feel the burden of traveling on a non-EU passport. These people will be, from tomorrow, treated as any other non-EU citizens. They will have no right to live, work or study in the EU. The procedures to obtain residence or work permit in the EU are cumbersome. Something the Britons will soon discover.

Bulgarian passport for Britons after Brexit

Bulgarian citizenship – the best path to the freedoms of the EU

Obviously, Brits with strong connections to continental Europe are trying all different routes to get hold of EU citizenship. There are many who have been living in the EU (ie in Spain or France) since many years and may be now eligible for citizenship. Others are married to Europeans and are also trying to get EU passport (ie Italian citizenship is relatively easy to be obtained in such circumstances).

Still, the Bulgarian passport is one of the most convenient ways for many Brits to become EU citizens. Bulgarian citizenship is probably the fastest route to the liberties of the European Union. The Bulgarian passport is the magic pill that can cure the BrExit woes.

Our assistance to help Britons obtain EU (Bulgarian) citizenship

We have organized special dedicated unit to be assisting UK citizens to obtain Bulgarian citizenship. We believe to be the only organization in Bulgaria capable of arranging all citizenship applications formalities and get it approved within the legal timeframe.

For comprehensive consultation or to get the ball rolling straight away, please contact our offices for further assistance.


  1. Hi,

    I would like to achieve Bulgarian residency as quick as possible. can you please advise if this is still possible?

    thank you


    1. Author

      Hello Garrie,
      It is of course possible, but your status from this year as is “third country national” and will be subject to the regulations of the foreigners law.
      Please email us at in case you want us to assist you and get your residence permit asap.

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