Caribbean vs. Bulgarian “Golden passport”

It’s like comparing a Mercedes S-Class to a cart pulled by two horses, which someone is trying to present as a luxury cabriolet. Let us explain to you why the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment  Program is a Mercedes S-Class (but at the price of a cart pulled by two horses).

What is included in the „price“ of the Bulgarian Golden Passport program?

  1. Bulgaria is an EU Member State.

This means that Bulgaria enjoys all the benefits of EU membership. Every non-European who obtains a Bulgarian passport under the Citizenship by Investment program immediately acquires Unconditional EU Citizenship for Life! In addition, it will be able to travel visa-free not only within the EU, but also to more than 160 countries around the world. European citizenship means endless business opportunities, access to the best schools and the best healthcare, security for you and your family.

  1. State support for the Program.

In March 2021, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted with almost complete unanimity amendments to the Law on Citizenship of the country concerning the program “Golden Passport”. Thus, the Bulgarian program Citizenship by Investment remained the only real option for acquiring the EU “golden passport”. And NOW it’s better than ever!

  1. Transparent and fast procedure.

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program is the best solution for financially independent individuals to obtain an EU gold passport. The whole procedure takes between 14 and 18 months.

The minimum investment amount you must invest to become a Bulgarian citizen is EUR 512,000. You can choose from a wide range of investment opportunities. This includes Shares of Bulgarian listed companies, traded on a regulated market. Bulgarian corporate bonds. Shares of investment funds (EU regulated UCITs and ETFs) with investment focus on Bulgaria. Participation or creation of Bulgarian trading company, for 256 000 EUR and employing 10 Bulgarian nationals; and more.

If you need a consultation on investment opportunities and the submission of application documents for the Bulgarian CIP, contact a law firm that specializes in this area. This will save you a lot of unnecessary costs and nerves. The so-called “bureaucratic state machine” exists in every country in the world and Bulgaria is no exception.

4. The lowest taxes and fees for business in the EU.

Bulgaria has proven to be the country with the lowest and simplified taxation in Europe. For many years, Bulgaria has been improving its tax system to achieve the most transparent and favorable tax regime possible for both personal and corporate taxes. Individuals and corporations are equally taxed at 10% flat on their profits. Nowhere else in the world will you find such favorable conditions for business development (except for some controversial offshore centers).

What can any of the Caribbean CIPs offer you in response to the above?

Does it make sense to compare the security of your investment in one EU member state to those in the Caribbean economic zone? And how can you claim your rights there if something happens to your investment? At the same time, perhaps the most unique virtue of the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship program is its absolute safety in terms of protection of the investment! Both from purely speculative perspective, but even more importantly, from a legal point of view. And remember, you are already an EU citizen and you can enjoy the protection of all European institutions.

Of course, the choice is yours: a Mercedes S-Class or a cart pulled by two horses? And best of all: you will get your “Mercedes” at a fraction of the price of the two-horse cart.

Bulgarian vs Caribbean CIP

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