applications for a dual citizenship in Hong Kong

A real “boom” of applications for a dual citizenship in Hong Kong

The New Cold War: China vs. Western World

After the United States and the United Kingdom, the European Union is now actively involved in the Cold War against China. The reason: the security law that China imposes on Hong Kong, without even consulting local politicians, not to mention the Hong Kong people. This is the most serious attempt to finally take away the autonomy of the HK.

EU member states have expressed “serious concern” over the imposition of China’s new national security law in Hong Kong. According to pro-democracy activists, diplomats and some businessmen, this will put Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous status and its role as a global financier at risk. MEPs have called on the EU not only to refer the matter to the International Court of Justice if China adopts a new national security law in Hong Kong, but also to consider imposing economic sanctions on China.

China described all this as an attempt to intervene directly in the country’s internal affairs and condemned the EU’s actions.

USA and UK

The United States and the United Kingdom are also increasing pressure on China. The UK has officially banned Huawei’s 5G network, which is another serious blow to the Chinese mobile giant. The United States increased its military presence in the South China Sea, which immediately provoked an angry reaction from Beijing. The White House justified its actions by saying that after Hong Kong, China could try to interfere in Taiwan’s internal affairs. The United States has a commitment to Taiwan to defend the sovereignty of the small Asian island nation.

Senior US military officials have expressed concern about China’s direct military intervention. International observers have been quick to predict an impending military conflict in the region between China and the United States. Unless the passions are cooled in some way.

International pressure and the communist government in Beijing

Is there a chance that pressure on China will stop enforcing security law in Hong Kong? Hardly. The communist government in Beijing has repeatedly shown that it is not particularly influenced by international sanctions. That is why the people in HK take measures to insure themselves and their families against possible repressions. The security law will effectively loosen the hands of the Beijing authorities from directly interfering in Hong Kong’s justice system.

What are the options for ordinary HongKongers?

People in Hong Kong are naturally worried about their future. Until last year, China kept its promise to preserve the autonomy of the HK. A promise made in the transfer of power on the island from British to Chinese hands 23 years ago. But first Beijing’s attempts to introduce an extradition law last year. And now the imposition of a security law, totally blew up the island’s fragile peace and led to fierce protests and riots.

At this stage, no effective solution is seen to satisfy both sides in the conflict. That is why HongKongers are looking for options to protect themselves and their families from possible repression by the communist regime. A second citizenship is most often sought. Hong Kongers usually apply for UK or EU (Bulgarian) citizenship.

More and more applications for a dual citizenship in Hong Kong: UK or Bulgarian (=EU)?

The first option seems more logical. After all, HK is a former British colony. But this is only apparent. Her Majesty’s Government offers the option (“path”) of citizenship. But the provision of citizenship itself proves, in most cases, a mirage. Anyone can apply for citizenship for a period of 1 year for work or study. But the chances of a permanent permit are almost nil.

On the other hand, European citizenship provides far more benefits and protections. The best European program for citizenship and citizenship by investments is the Bulgarian one. This has been proven ( The people from HK and the business quickly got acquainted with the situation. And the applications for a dual citizenship in Hong Kong, the applications for Bulgarian citizenship are constantly increasing.

HK and the Future

Hong Kong’s future looks uncertain at the moment. But such is the future of the whole world. The Covid-19 pandemic is subjecting humanity to unprecedented trials. The only way to get out of this hellish grip is… ALL TOGETHER! Peace and mutual help have no alternative. And if someone does not understand it – it is at his expense.

Therefore, we strongly hope that China and the Western world will soon realize this fact and take the necessary actions to normalize their relations. Hong Kong and the people of this beautiful island need it. To continue to be an example of how to do business and what multinational, ethnic, religious and HUMAN tolerance means.

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