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We are proud to be deeply involved in the resolving of the problems with the interview slots for the applications for Bulgarian citizenship. You can read more at:

Interviews for Bulgarian citizenship – huge delays (unacceptable)

No more delays for Bulgarian citizenship interviews – huge success for “Citizenship and Investments” LTD!

Unfortunately, the situation at the moment is catastrophic again.

Absolutely unacceptable delays for Bulgarian citizenship interviews

Currently, it is virtually impossible to schedule an interview for Bulgarian citizenship for any foreseeable (acceptable) date in future. The responsible administrative bodies seem to be useless, with the exception for some extremely lucky applicants. We don’t believe this is the way how a democratic European administration should work. Interviews in Bulgaria are usually not scheduled at all or the applicants are given dates for 2023 and beyond. Others are reporting that their appointments have been cancelled. Abroad, in the Bulgarian embassies, the situation is similar. Often the officials simply don’t reply to phone calls or are giving vague excuses.

Even permanent residents in Bulgaria can’t get any feasible slot for interview, although they should enjoy preferential treatment and no need for preliminary appointment. With one word – disaster!

Persons of Bulgarian origin acquire Bulgarian citizenship under a simplified procedure.

Art. 25, par. 2 of the Bulgarian Constitution

If you try to schedule an interview, with the postulates of the Constitution in mind, you may start thinking that you are living in a virtual reality! Scandalous.

We are taking legal measures

Bulgarian people deserve to be treated with respect, even if they are still to formally become Bulgarian citizens. And we think that waiting for an interview for months and even years is humiliating. We are now preparing a case for the Ombudsman. Additionally, we are managing a number of legal cases under the Law for the responsibility of the state for damages that relate to “citizenship issues”.

If this concerns you too

If you are trapped in the same situation and can’t schedule your citizenship interview, please contact us asap. We may be in position to assist you or to at least show you the way how you can claim your rights…

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