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The British officially “deserted” from the EU In the June 2016 Referendum, Britain voted to leave the EU. Today, 1.02.2020 this is already a fact. All those Britons who voted for Britain’s “liberation” can now celebrate. A record number of applications for Irish and EU passports Right after the Referendum,Continue Reading

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What are the opportunities for dual citizenship with Bulgaria? This is a matter that is of great interest to most foreign nationals living in Bulgaria or having long-term interests related to the country. The Bulgarian passport opens virtually unlimited visa-free travel opportunities across the EU, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea,Continue Reading

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There are only 4 basic colors for passports around the world. The reasons why states choose one or another color for their citizens’ passports may be many and various. But the colors are only 4. This was also confirmed by the vice president of Arton Group, Hrant Boghossian.The organization thatContinue Reading