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Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen. Roy Bennett As many of you should be aware of, the Bulgarian Parliament passed certain amendments to the residency and citizenship legislation in March 2021. This was a breath of fresh air for many candidates willing to become EU citizens. UnfortunatelyContinue Reading

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Love risk when making money. Hate risk when investing money. Robert Rolih Probably the most unique virtue of the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship program is its absolute safety in terms of protection of the investment – both from purely speculative perspective, but even more importantly, from legal point of view. WhileContinue Reading

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There is always danger for those who are afraid. George Bernard Shaw The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program is definitely the hot ticket since 2014-2015 – a fact, which we were made to fully realize. Nowadays, we are being approached on daily basis by agents and lawyers from all over the world,Continue Reading