Bulgarian citizenship - evolution after 2007

December 2021 – update All EU passports are providing virtually identical visa-free travel rights worldwide. And of course – absolutely identical rights within the EU. But why are there more and more wealthy international businessmen, who prefer the Bulgarian passport to any other EU passport? Let’s find out what theContinue Reading

Bulgarian passport for Britons after Brexit

New worries for the people of the UK from 01.01.2021 Visa-free remains, but that’s all you get folks The real BrExit is only a few hours away (31.12.2020) and the people with UK passports are starting to realize how hard it will be for them to travel and live inContinue Reading

world-map passports

There are only 4 basic colors for passports around the world. The reasons why states choose one or another color for their citizens’ passports may be many and various. But the colors are only 4. This was also confirmed by the vice president of Arton Group, Hrant Boghossian.The organization thatContinue Reading