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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

About Citizenship and Investments LTD

“Citizenship & Investments” LTD with registered address at blvd. “James Bourchier” 103, 5th fl., office 9, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria is a consultancy company actively providing legal and administrative support to high-net-worth clients wishing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship. We have adequate international expertise, and as fully fledged member of the VD&A Group, have also access to local knowledge and support in Bulgaria. In that way we are able to provide our clients with unmatched level of service.

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Strong presence in Asia

Citizenship and Investments is very strongly represented in the Asian market. We are servicing many Chinese entrepreneurs and other HNWI from the region. We are proud member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

How are we assisting our clients


While the information on this website will explain you the details of how you can become EU citizen, it will definitely not going to effectively change your life. Information is power, but information only doesn’t do the job! We however, offer you transformation and a whole new life.

Improving quality of life

We will help you to transform your status, your travel habits and the perception of your business by both your partners and clients. We will help you to obtain freedom and respect. You will become much more successful entrepreneur, because success requires positioning and status. We are providing ultimate quality service and fast results.

Selected clients only

It is important to stress that we don’t work with each and every customer. Entering into business relation must be beneficial for both parties. The client has the right to chose whether to work with us. Similarly, we are requiring from our potential clients to not only possess the required resources, but to be fully determined to work with us for the final results.

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Investment citizenship – not for everybody

If you want to apply for fast-track citizenship for example, but can’t meet the financial criteria, we will refrain from doing business with you. And this is not because we are being cheeky. It is because we believe that “Citizenship by Investment” is only for qualifying applicants.

If you believe to be a successful businessman and you are just missing the final touch – the right citizenship – please get in touch with us. We will definitely help you get a brand new life!

Worldwide service

With representatives in Dubai, Hong Kong and Bulgaria, we are in position to cover all regions of the world, where the “Global Citizenship” values are most sought after. Our specialists are travelling the year round to all corners of the globe. They are meeting potential customers or taking part in international events as panelists and speakers of many international investment immigration events.

Additional wealth and tax services

While the core of our services is to provide turnkey assistance in the process of obtaining EU (Bulgarian) citizenship, we are proud that our support reaches far beyond that. Our specialists are advising the clients on different tax related issues, legal compliance with EU rules and regulations, as well as provide comprehensive wealth management advice.

Tailor made consultancy services

We are also providing consultancy services in the field of “Investment Citizenship”. These are specifically tailored to state and private organizations in order to facilitate their operations and legislative compliance. Upon request, we are capable of preparing written legal reports as well as to provide personal consultations. This also includes visiting clients anywhere in the world.

100% legal compliance

We believe to be one of the few companies in the world to offer investment citizenship services with 100% legal compliance. Pricewise, there will always be a lower price. What we believe though is that obtaining citizenship status isn’t worth cutting any corners. Citizenship is for life and so will be the consequences of an inappropriately handled application. Such may result in citizenship revocation and even penal charges many years down the road.

HNWI clients and established organizations

Our most usual client is a high-net-worth individual with legal compliance priorities. We also provide assistance to organizations looking for legal and administrative professional support. If you believe you or your organization falls within these categories, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We believe we will be able to provide you with assistance that is far above your expectations.

Partnerships and franchising

If you are interested in partnership or taking franchise for your part of the world, please visit the How to become our Partner section.