Bulgarian passport for Britons after Brexit

New worries for the people of the UK from 01.01.2021 Visa-free remains, but that’s all you get folks The real BrExit is only a few hours away (31.12.2020) and the people with UK passports are starting to realize how hard it will be for them to travel and live inContinue Reading

Bulgarian citizenship application declined

Unless your past is such of an Al Capone, you are shocked as to why this has happened. You have supplied all relevant documents and even certificate for lack or criminal convictions from your home country. You even got Bulgarian certificate from the prosecutor’s office that there are no ongoingContinue Reading

bulgarian citizenship for britons

The British officially “deserted” from the EU In the June 2016 Referendum, Britain voted to leave the EU. Today, 1.02.2020 this is already a fact. All those Britons who voted for Britain’s “liberation” can now celebrate. A record number of applications for Irish and EU passports Right after the Referendum,Continue Reading

offer - Bulgarian residency and EU citizenship

Our offer to non-EU clients who wish to obtain EU (Bulgarian) residency and consequentially obtain Bulgarian citizenship This offer is not for Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment. The offer doesn’t require any investment, in Eurobonds, Bulgarian stock-listed shares or other investment instruments, as are foreseen by the Bulgarian CIP. More thanContinue Reading