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How to obtain citizenship for merits in Bulgaria in 2022 Bulgarian citizenship for special merits becomes the hot ticket in 2022 This is largely due to the uncertain future of the investment citizenship in Bulgaria and the EU. It also appeared that Bulgaria has lately issued more passports for meritsContinue Reading

from Bulgarian to Portugal citizenship

The new Bulgarian government – not in favor of the citizenship by investment program Bulgaria has experienced turbulent political times in 2021-2022. After three consecutive parliamentary elections in 2021, the country has finally approved new government. As Prime Minister was appointed Mr Kiril Petkov. Being young and prosperous Harvard graduate,Continue Reading

Bulgarian passports - unfinished

When the applications for Bulgarian citizenship get usually delayed? Most often, there are two main instances when the Bulgarian citizenship procedures may be stalled. These are namely the citizenship by investment (CBI) and citizenship by origin. Let’s see what the problems may be with the two. Bulgarian CBI Trapped betweenContinue Reading

Bulgarian State Agency for National Security

This update relates to the latest amendments of the Citizenship Law of March 2021 The problem Imagine the following scenario. You have decided that EU citizenship is what you need. And as the Bulgarian CIP is the only feasible option from 2021, your choice is obvious. So you have redContinue Reading

Bulgarian vs EU citizenship

With the new year, the conditions for the applicants for Bulgarian investment citizenship have become (once again) more difficult to comply with. What was perfectly fine in 2019 and 2020, will be now considered as “unacceptable”. Today we will discuss one very important situation and will try to show howContinue Reading