Bulgarian State Agency for National Security

This update relates to the latest amendments of the Citizenship Law of March 2021 The problem Imagine the following scenario. You have decided that EU citizenship is what you need. And as the Bulgarian CIP is the only feasible option from 2021, your choice is obvious. So you have redContinue Reading

Bulgarian vs EU citizenship

With the new year, the conditions for the applicants for Bulgarian investment citizenship have become (once again) more difficult to comply with. What was perfectly fine in 2019 and 2020, will be now considered as “unacceptable”. Today we will discuss one very important situation and will try to show howContinue Reading

granted Bulgarian citizenship in 2020

The past year was sad for many, but those who obtained Bulgarian citizenship by investment have every reason to celebrate in 2021 Update January 10th, 2021 Due to the large amount of enquiries, we will be organizing two panels with six participants in each panel. In each panel there willContinue Reading

Bulgarian passport for Britons after Brexit

New worries for the people of the UK from 01.01.2021 Visa-free remains, but that’s all you get folks The real BrExit is only a few hours away (31.12.2020) and the people with UK passports are starting to realize how hard it will be for them to travel and live inContinue Reading

Bulgarian citizenship application declined

Unless your past is such of an Al Capone, you are shocked as to why this has happened. You have supplied all relevant documents and even certificate for lack or criminal convictions from your home country. You even got Bulgarian certificate from the prosecutor’s office that there are no ongoingContinue Reading

clients references

We are frequently being asked by prospective clients whether we can provide them with references from past cases of clients who have obtained Bulgarian citizenship. Most often we are asked whether we can provide references from clients from particular country. We are not certain why exactly, but such requests usuallyContinue Reading