More and more investment citizenship applicants are reporting delays with their documents in the InvestBulgaria Agency. This was to be expected after the recent change in power in the institution. Still, there are laws in Bulgaria and these need to be observed. To be observed by everybody and the InvestBulgaria Agency is not an exception.

What to do if your documents are stuck in the InvestBulgaria Agency?

If your documents are not being processed in a timely manner by the Agency, you have to act immediately. There are certain preclusive legal terms that need to be met if you want to appeal these delays. If you miss the deadline – you will be left at the mercy of the Agency and you will have no other legal options to expedite the procedures.

Unfortunately, protecting your rights with the Agency is not an easy task. Appeals can be either administrative or legal. Making the right judgement on how to proceed is absolutely essential. If you need assistance for you dealings with the InvestBulgaria Agency, you may liaise with us via our contact form.

For our existing clients for Bulgarian CBI

All our investment citizenship clients enjoy automatic and full assistance for any eventual delays with the Agency. We will take all necessary actions, administrative and/or legal, to ensure fast resolution for all out clients applications that are at the moment with the InvestBulgaria Agency.

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