Yet another success story of our valued customer. Mr Oleg Sherbakov, a US citizen, who previously wrote an open letter to the Bulgarian Parliament is now waiting for his Bulgarian passport. The story of our client was extensively covered in an article by Uglobal.

girl holding Bulgarian passport

More and more of our clients are getting approved by the Citizenship Council in 2021

There are more and more clients who get approved for Bulgarian citizenship by the Citizenship Council in 2021. You can read about another success story, which we have published recently. And the list goes on and on.

The future of the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program

Now that the Bulgarian investment program remained the only working EU golden passport program, things are getting… you guessed it (inflation anyone?)… more expensive. The government is tightening its grip on all procedures to make the EU Commission happy. The administrative costs are rising sharply, trying to catch the pace of the money printing machines, to no avail.

Bulgarian investment citizenship – definitely the best investment one can make

All in all, we have been always advocating that EU citizenship is great investment. We are now saying that the EU passport is the best investment any non-EU citizen can make, if he can afford it.

Bulgarian citizenship by investment is pretty much like the Bitcoin. The supply decreases all the time and will eventually go to zero. Many didn’t believe in it, but those who jumped on the train early are now living very different lives. But unlike Bitcoin, once you get the EU passport in your pocket, it will never decrease in value, nobody can “regulate” it nor ban it.

Bulgarian citizenship – not without professional legal support

Is it possible to get Bulgarian citizenship (by investment or through standard naturalization) without professional support? Our answer is definitely YES. But probably in 1 out of 1000 cases. For the remaining 999 cases, you are set to fail. This is so, because the procedures are complicated and the Bulgarian authorities don’t really like giving citizenship.

Please read the article: how well should the Minister of Justice understand the particularities of the Bulgarian citizenship?

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