Yet another of our clients has been approved for Bulgarian citizenship by investment

But this time is much more than that. This time is about a friend. This time is about someone we all (our team) really like. A wonderful person, soon to be Bulgarian citizen, that Bulgaria will be really proud of.

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Earlier this year, on February 5th, a good friend and a sweet lady had her Bulgarian citizenship by investment interview in Sofia. I remember writing about the interview the night before, wishing her good luck, knowing that she was already worrying too much.

The Bulgarian citizenship interview

Unfortunately I didn’t attend the interview together with her. A colleague of mine did. After the interview, he told me that the interview didn’t go really well. Not due to our fault. The officials have been somewhat rude and the whole atmosphere – unwelcoming. The questions asked – misleading and confusing, in a way. Logically, our client remained with mixed feelings. And that’s a real shame!

Not only an exam for the applicant

We believe that the investment citizenship interview is not an exam for the citizenship applicant. It is the standard formality for all citizenship applications. During the interview, the applicant has to basically show why he wants to become Bulgarian citizen. In other cases (non investment citizenship), the applicant has to also explain why he should be granted citizenship. He may need to show his language abilities and knowledge of the Bulgarian history. This is not the case with the investment applications, as the citizenship eligibility is confirmed by the Bulgarian Investment Agency in advance.

approved for Bulgarian citizenship
In the realms of the GDPR, we often feel like Penn Jillette when he tries to explain, in his own mysterious words, to be understood only by the performing magician, how the magic is done in the Penn & Teller Fool Us show.

The real exam is for the interviewer

We believe the interview is a way for the Bulgarian state to get to know the citizenship applicant, face-to-face. And this is very, very reasonable indeed. But during the interview, the state officials are representing our country and they have to act accordingly. They have to be not only polite, but to show respect to the person they are interviewing. Because if they don’t, they insult not only the citizenship applicant, but most of all – the Bulgarian people.

The outcome of the interview

But when it ends good it’s all good! And today is a good day, for our client and for our country. Today is a good day for me too. Because, today, we got the long awaited result:

Your application has been considered by the Citizenship Council with a positive opinion. Now follows a decree of the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

the outcome after the citizenship interview

That’s it. It took way longer than it should. There were more worries, caused by the bureaucracy, then there should be. But now, the Bulgarian citizenship of our client is virtually secured. Job done. I want to personally thank all our team members for their great work.

Thank you!

My heart is now warm, in this cold autumn day in Bulgaria. Warm, because a wonderful woman has got what she deserves and is entitled to. The very least of.

I can do nothing more now than thank a wonderful woman for being such a nice person! And to congratulate her for the wonderful result.

Alexander Dobrinov

Эта женщина! Увижу и немею.
Потому-то, понимаешь, не гляжу.
Ни кукушкам, ни ромашкам я не верю
и к цыганкам, понимаешь, не хожу.
- Булат Окуджава

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