Portugal golden visa VS Bulgaria golden passport

Citizenship vs Residence Some will argue that we shouldn’t be comparing apples to oranges in the first place. And indeed, in Bulgaria one gets real EU passport, while in Portugal the applicant will be only rewarded with residence permit. Bulgaria has real investment citizenship program, while Portugal only offers residenceContinue Reading

webinar Bulgarian citiizenship

Online event for our customers in the USA Due to high demand by our existing and prospective clients for Bulgarian citizenship by investment, we will be organizing a web event via zoom on 04.07.2021. There will be three panels, led by our moderator, each with 5 participants (not counting theContinue Reading

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Without the land there is no nation. Sero Khanzadyan There are many countries in the world that offer fast-track citizenship options to high net worth individuals. The following states are well known for providing preferential citizenship procedures: St. Kitts and Nevis Dominica Antigua and Barbuda St. Lucia Vanuatu All ofContinue Reading

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Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple. Natalie Babbitt One of the most attractive features of the Bulgarian Investment Citizenship Program is its transparency and simplicity. Other countries’ programs, apart from naming their irrevocable fees, “an investment”, tend to make the procedure overly complicated. Thereby the citizenship applicant is oftenContinue Reading