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Without the land there is no nation. Sero Khanzadyan There are many countries in the world that offer fast-track citizenship options to high net worth individuals. The following states are well known for providing preferential citizenship procedures: St. Kitts and Nevis Dominica Antigua and Barbuda St. Lucia Vanuatu All ofContinue Reading

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Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple. Natalie Babbitt One of the most attractive features of the Bulgarian Investment Citizenship Program is its transparency and simplicity. Other countries’ programs, apart from naming their irrevocable fees, “an investment”, tend to make the procedure overly complicated. Thereby the citizenship applicant is oftenContinue Reading

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Love risk when making money. Hate risk when investing money. Robert Rolih Probably the most unique virtue of the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship program is its absolute safety in terms of protection of the investment – both from purely speculative perspective, but even more importantly, from legal point of view. WhileContinue Reading

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Diamonds are forever, so is the Bulgarian citizenship! Unlike the citizenship (obtained through investment programs) of many other countries, the Bulgarian citizenship by investment is unconditional. The only requirement for the applicant is to hold his investment for 2 more years after the citizenship decree has been issued. AfterContinue Reading