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Sociologists, economists and political scientists agree that today we live in an unstable “risk society”. The processes occurring in the post-Soviet space and the rising trade war between China and the United States, inevitably lead to the fact that wealthy people, seeking to ensure a comfortable and safe future forContinue Reading

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The huge difference between citizenship and residency. Something that is often being neglected. Citizenship from all over the world have been marketing for decades citizenship for investment programs of tiny Caribbean countries (isles) and more recently, citizenship of Malta and Cyprus (EU citizenship). So far so good. The business climateContinue Reading

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Asia is an entertainment, Europe is a dream, America is an imprisonment and Rest is a nightmare. Santosh Kalwar This is your ultimate guide and the whole truth about what really “Citizenship” and “Residency” is, about the difference between European and Offshore passports (you will also understand why you mightContinue Reading