Diamonds are forever, so is the Bulgarian citizenship!

Unlike the citizenship (obtained through investment programs) of many other countries, the Bulgarian citizenship by investment is unconditional. The only requirement for the applicant is to hold his investment for 2 more years after the citizenship decree has been issued. After that period, no other conditions exist whatsoever – the citizenship is for life and is being passed to the new citizen’s children, grandchildren and so on. This is in stark contrast with other countries’ regulations, Cyprus being a prime example. The Cypriot regulations are in fact making the new citizens glued to their investment in real estate forever, as in case of a sale, the citizenship will be revoked. This condition hangs on the head of the new Cypriot (who have acquired citizenship by investment) like the “Sword of Damocles” for the rest of their life. You may find interesting to read more about the comparison between the Bulgarian investment citizenship program versus similar programs of other countries.

But stating that the Bulgarian citizenship by investment is for “life time” is an understatement. The Bulgarian citizenship is being transferred to the whole descending family tree of the main applicant and is guaranteeing EU citizenship status for everyone, even for the ones who are yet to be born. For more information, please check Citizenship by Origin.

As explained above, once the Bulgarian citizenship has been granted and upon expiry of the legally required holding term for the investment (2 years), there is virtually no option for its revocation. Unlike in other countries, the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship is practically not being differentiated from the citizenship by birth or origin and can be only canceled in extreme cases, such as that if the Bulgarian citizen is sentenced for extremely serious offence against the Republic or terrorism.

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