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Sociologists, economists and political scientists agree that today we live in an unstable “risk society”. The processes occurring in the post-Soviet space and the rising trade war between China and the United States, inevitably lead to the fact that wealthy people, seeking to ensure a comfortable and safe future for themselves and their families, think about the “rescue boat ”. Experts at VD&A, a company specializing in investment immigration, help to figure out why, where, how and when it is worthwhile to make a second citizenship in order to be on time.

The Dynamics of the Modern World

In the modern world, the rules change rapidly. Wealthy people have to think through a strategy of behavior in advance. For Example, the history of capital formation in the United States. Or the history of Russia and the entire post-Soviet space. All these eloquently reminds us that successful capital owners, who were able to make money during an economic boom, in an era of change are always threatened.

The unstable political situation inevitably creates risks not only for businessmen themselves. But also for their loved ones. Some social upheavals, as is known, cannot be predicted. Even the most desperate political scientists are not able to predict a revolution, a coup or environmental disasters affecting the life of a country.

Predictable Changes

However, there are quite predictable socio-political changes. For instance, presidential elections. Which – all over the world and with any results – are a source of instability. The next US presidential elections are in 2020. And political analysts remind: even if we cannot know for sure in advance who will be elected, we know that the elections will be held. And the president of the country has limited opportunities provided by the US Constitution. The current US president, Donald Trump, is unpredictable in terms of political decisions he takes in the country’s foreign policy. There are no two opinions on that, right?!

The next presidential election in the largest country in the world, Russia, will take place in 2024. It is now known that Putin  will not be able to run for another mandate (according to the Constitution of the country). This is a situation whose output is directly dependent on half the world. And the other half, to a greater or lesser extent, also. So the wealthy residents of the post-Soviet space are already in a situation where the search for the “rescue boat” turns from thinking into concrete actions. As it`s better to meet any changes prepared. It is important to bear in mind that the whole process of obtaining a second citizenship (for yourself and your family) will take time.

Our Suggestions

That is why experts from VD&A, a company specializing in investment immigration, strongly recommend not to delaying the decision to obtain a second passport.

In the time we live, a period of 4-5 years is enough to get a second citizenship. What’s more – for such a period of time without any problem, you could be involved in one of the US or UK Citizenship Investment Programs and can easily get citizenship.

VD&A consultants analyzed immigration programs from different countries. And they offer the Top 3 reliable and effective ways to provide for yourself and your family a safe and comfortable future.

TOP 3  

  1. Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship (EU) by investment.

Getting Bulgarian citizenship guarantees you visa-free access to 169 countries in the world. Including the United States and Canada from 2020 The ability to obtain a long-term visa in the United States up to 10 years and an E2 visa.

As a full member of the European Union every citizen of Bulgaria enjoys all the rights and advantages of the European citizens. No need to give up your original citizenship. And all members of your family will also receive Bulgarian (EU) citizenship.

Taxes in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe (10% flat tax). One more plus is that your children will have the opportunity to receive education at the best European universities on preferential terms.

For more details about the program “Bulgarian citizenship through investment” read HERE.

  1. Ukrainian citizenship (through marriage).

The Ukrainian passport has immediately become one of the most sought after passports in the world. As it allows visa-free travel to the EU for 90 days. Through the active foreign policy Ukraine concluded many additional agreements for visa-free travel. For example, Ukrainians can travel visa-free to Thailand as from 14 April 2019. A privilege that even some EU passport holders doesn’t have. Other visa-free countries for Ukrainian nationals are UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Israel, Brasil, Serbia, just to name a few.

One of the possibilities for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is through marriage. Many men from the USA, Europe and other countries travel every year to Ukraine with the hope to find their love. And indeed, many succeed.

Ukraine is striving towards joining the EU, but unfortunately its laws and business practices are still lagging far behind. VD&A consultants will help you overcome the administrative difficulties and shorten the process.

  1. Cyprus

Citizenship of Cyprus (EU) opens up the possibility of visa-free entry to 173 countries of the world. Including all EU countries and the UK. You can get a passport for the whole family very quickly. After 180 days, you and your family will become citizens of Cyprus (EU). Moreover, a passport can be made not only to your spouse and minor children, but also to parents and children under 28 who are financially dependent on you. There are no requirements for living in this country for a member of the Cyprus Citizenship Investment Program.

Citizenship of Cyprus gives a guaranteed opportunity to quickly move to the UK.

For any questions regarding the obtaining of a second nationality, do not hesitate to contact VD&A consultants. Secure your future and your closest ones! Because tomorrow maybe late …

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