Paying tax should be framed as a glorious civic duty worthy of gratitude – not a punishment for making money.

Alain de Botton

Bulgaria is the absolute forerunner in the EU in terms of low and simplified taxation. Since many years, the country has been applying extremely transparent and favorable tax regime for both personal and corporate tax. Individuals and corporations are equally taxed at 10% flat on their profits. Nowhere else in the EU (and almost nowhere in the world, with exception of the controversial offshore centers) are the tax regulations neither as simplified nor is the tax rate as low as is in Bulgaria.

Many companies and tax conscious individuals are relocating to Bulgaria in order to optimize their tax status. They are also benefiting from the numerous exceptions provided in the Bulgarian tax codes that allow different types of income to be completely tax exempt. For instance, personal income from trading of shares or cashing of bond coupons, are completely tax free in Bulgaria.

Another unique advantage of the Bulgarian tax legislation is the exemption regime for inheritance taxes. Many Bulgarian fast-track citizenship applicants are saving millions by changing their citizenship status and are then applying the Bulgarian tax and inheritance regulations to avoid parting with huge chunk of their heirdom.

Many wealthy EU citizens are also enquiring about the possibility to obtain Bulgarian citizenship through the investment citizenship program. While the program is intended for non-EU citizens only, in case the EU citizen is holding second citizenship of another non-EU country, under certain conditions, this individual may be eligible to obtain Bulgarian citizenship through the fast-track program. Please contact us for more details about this option and about how you can obtain non-EU citizenship almost for free and can then apply to become Bulgarian citizen.

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