How about applying for EU citizenship by investment and being rewarded with a bonus of 100 000 EUR? Too good to be true? Not really. Keep on reading to find out how this is already happening in Bulgaria.

EU citizenship + huge profit as an added bonus

After the Bulgarian Citizenship by investment program (CIP) was revamped in March 2021, many thought that they will be missing the good old Eurobonds. And indeed, Eurobonds are one of the safest investment available today. But in the realms of skyrocketing inflation, the close to zero returns mean that your money is melting away. To remind you, the Bulgarian parliament decided to end the option to invest in state issued bonds. In exchange, the investors are now offered much wider range of instruments that are suitable for the investment citizenship program.

ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)

So back in March this year, many of our clients decided to go for ETF, among the other available options. And gosh, they made a good choice.

The Bulgarian stock exchange index SOFIX skyrockets and scores 11th in the world

Yes, you read it right. The Bulgarian equities, traded on the stock exchange, outperformed virtually all other stock exchanges in the world. The SOFIX index has risen with more than 26% from the beginning of the year. On annual basis (averaged), the index has risen with about 39% p.a.

Although this is not an exact calculation (as it depends on many other factors), let’s suppose that immediately after the new CIP was introduced in March 2021, the investor has bought SOFIX based ETF’s for the minimum required amount of one million Leva (512 000 EUR). If we average the performance, the profit now, after six months, would be almost 100 000 EUR!!!

Alexander Dobrinov NY Times
Alexander Dobrinov at a conference

An applicant for Bulgarian citizenship by investment, who has bought ETFs in March 2021 would now be pocketing a profit of 100 000 EUR. Not bad at all, don’t you think? Earning this extra money and waiting to get hold of your EU passport next year. Find us a better deal and the champagne is on us!

Please be advised that this article is not an investment advice and you should make your own calculation and risk assessment before taking any investment decision! All numbers and performance indications are purely infromative and should be carefully double-checked before any investment decision is taken.

The lucky ones that have already started their citizenship applications

We have been advocating since many years that the Bulgarian CIP is almost like a gift from the government. And those who have listened to our advice are already picking the fruits of their decisiveness.

For the others it may be already too late (EU investment citizenship wont last forever)

For the others, who haven’t yet decided to go on board, it may already be too late. In line with the worldwide inflationary tsunami, EU citizenship is getting much more expensive now. And can it be otherwise, as it is only Bulgaria and (partially) Malta that offer fast-track EU citizenship. All the rest, Portugal, Greece, etc., are only a (golden) visa offerings.

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