Stamen Yanev is restored as Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency!

Stamen Yanev and Desislava Trifonova
Desislava Trifonova and Stamen Yanev – change of power in the Bulgarian Investment Agency

The caretaker government in Bulgaria has dismissed the current Director of the Bulgarian investment agency – Mrs Desislava Trifonova. Surprisingly to many, she was replaced by the old director of the agency, Mr Stamen Yanev.

The dismissed director, Mrs Trifonova has stated that the move is an act of revanchism.

The Investment Agency – an important institution for all citizenship by investment applicants

The Investment Agency is an extremely important authority as it approves the qualifying investment for the Bulgarian CIP. It is yet to be seen how the new Director will be handling the applications, especially in the transitional period while we don’t yet have new regulations and ordinance to the foreigners law and the law on the Bulgarian citizenship.

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