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American investor determined to get justice in Bulgaria

An US investor is suing the Bulgarian parliament for damages, due to the controversial decision of the deputies to abruptly close the CIP, with retroactive effect. Our lawyers have already filed the claim for the amount of almost:

One million Bulgarian Leva

It’s worth mentioning that we have rarely seen a foreigner to be so fond of Bulgaria, as is our client. We have rarely seen anyone to like Bulgaria so much, to be so interested in the Bulgarian culture and history. The reason for suing the Bulgarian Parliament is not for the sake of the money. It is to get justice done. Because right is right and wrong is wrong. The Bulgarian people also deserve a Parliament, where no illegal laws are voted for. Otherwise, the millions will become billions and the people in Bulgaria will be paying the bill.

Murphy's war

From the Murphy’s War (1971), with Peter O’Toole

Didn’t you hear them? The war is over!

Their war. Not mine!

Good news from the Court

The lawsuit moves forward. And the Bulgarian Court is doing it’s job. After titanic effort by the legal representatives of the Bulgarian Parliament to divert the claim from the Parliament to the Minister of Finance, the Court has ordered:

Although in the Law on the liability of the state and municipalities for damages there is no specific hypothesis for liability of the state body, this does not exclude claims for damages against this body, in case the plaintiff claims that there are damages due to actions or inactions of the defendant.

In other words, the lawsuit will continue against the Bulgarian Parliament, as initially desired by our client! Its worth mentioning the extremely furious and professional defense by the legal team of the Parliament. We rarely see such professionalism by other state bodies in Bulgaria. Can it be possible that the legal problems caused by the cancellation of the Bulgarian CIP have been already anticipated and the the defense strategy already prepared?

The next steps

According to the Court order, our client will need to prove that the investment in Bulgarian state bonds has been effectively done. Our client will also need to clarify the exact way of effecting the investment and whether it is still available.

We are allowed to call one witness who can testify in the Court. Our client will also need to appear in the Court.

The hearing is scheduled for the end of May 2023.


The show must go on. Today is April 13th. The “Murphy’s War” movie appeared in 1971. What an interesting coincidence, for those who know…

Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.Simon Van Booy

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