EU citizenship – the most powerful freedom tool in the world

There are many ranking methods used to determine the strength of the world’s passports. Most of these methods take in consideration the number of visa-free countries one can visit with particular passport. No matter what these ranking may show, it is absolutely clear for all professionals in the field of citizenship. The most powerful passports in the world are the passports of the EU member states, all of them. This is so, because it is not only about the number of visa-free countries that one can visit. What matters most is the right of abode in as many countries as possible. And the quality of life that these countries can offer its residents.

There are many powerful passports in terms of visa-free travel. Passports of the UAE, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc. – they are all good for travel. But living in another country with these passport is a no go. The passports of the EU countries however offer the best of both worlds:

Visa-free travel to large number of countries + right of abode in more than 30 countries worldwide

the strength of the EU passport

Unfortunately, getting hold of an EU passport becomes more difficult by the day. In 2022, there is virtually no true citizenship by investment program in the EU. The only option for getting (relatively) fast EU citizenship, for ethnically unrelated to an EU country candidates, is to find path to citizenship through residence by investment. The biggest competitor to the Bulgarian investment residence program is the Portuguese Golden Visa. These programs unfortunately aren’t as easily available as they were before. We are also certain that the conditions of these path-to-citizenship programs will be tightened significantly in the coming years.

Bulgarian citizenship – very difficult to get it already

The Bulgarian passport is one of the most desired travel documents in the world. It has two disadvantages though. The first is the fact that Bulgarian citizens can’t yet (as per 18.08.2022) travel visa-free to the USA. This is however largely expected to change very soon.

The second “flaw” of the Bulgarian passport is that it is extremely difficult to obtain it. Yes, you read it right – obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is much more difficult than becoming German, Italian, French or British. Bulgaria has no history of naturalizing nationals of ex-colonies. It has no track record of hiring low-skilled workers and then giving them citizenship. But going the extra mile to get Bulgarian passport is definitely worth the effort.

Bulgarian passport – starting the preparations to become eligible for citizenship asap

With the demise of the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship by investment program, it became apparent that the political sentiment in Bulgaria is firmly against giving passports away. We are participating in the social and political life in Bulgaria and we feel that the procedures to obtain citizenship will be becoming stricter and stricter.

We understand that anyone who wants to have realistic chances to obtain Bulgarian citizenship soon, should start the preparations now. Whether this will be through investment residence or via standard residence permit and waiting few more years, the procedures should be started asap. We believe that in 3-4 years time, getting EU citizenship will be virtually impossible. Those who have done it by then will be the winners.

Huge legal case against the Bulgarian state in the making

We are in the process of filing large number of legal cases against the Bulgarian state on behalf of investment citizenship clients. These are clients who have done the whole process to obtain citizenship by investment, but their applications were terminated, due to the 2022 citizenship law amendments.

We believe that the outcome of these cases will be positive for the clients and they will be rewarded huge compensations and hopefully Bulgarian citizenship too.

The outcome will have extremely sound political effect and will also play an important role in the future political sentiment in Bulgaria towards the policy of granting Bulgarian citizenship in the future.

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  1. lm interested and kindly explain
    to me if you are not in Bulgaria can you apply for citizenship.

    1. Author

      Provided the legal prerequisites are met, one can apply for Bulgarian citizenship from abroad. Please be warned however that currently there is huge number of scams, so please be extremely cautious as to who you are dealing with. Most scammers will promise you Bulgarian citizenship by “finding” Bulgarian roots for your grandparents. Engaging in similar activities is 100% illegal and is punishable by lengthy jail sentences in Bulgaria.

    1. Author

      Please visit our contacts page, where you will find all our contact details, including our email address.

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