Why Bulgarian CIP is such a hit right now?

Currently, Bulgarian citizenship and Bulgarian CIP are in sensational demand. There are several reasons for this.


the Cyprus and Maltese citizenship programs no longer exist. They were forced to suspend their activities due to spectacular corruption scandals. “Whatever you do to yourself, no one else can do to you,” says a Bulgarian proverb.


the Bulgarian Citizenship Program has experienced a real catharsis. Bulgarians managed to protect themselves from major corruption schemes. And in March 2021, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted vital changes to the Citizenship Act, thanks to which currently the Bulgarian citizenship program is the best in Europe. The application rules are clear, and the procedure is transparent and fast. If you have applied for the fast-track program, there is an option to obtain Bulgarian (EU) citizenship within 14-18 months. This also applies to your family members.

And third, but not least:

in the EU there is only one working program “golden passport” and that is the Bulgarian CIP.

In May and June, the influx of applicants for Bulgarian citizenship exceeded all expectations. For less than 2 months, nearly 6,000 Bulgarian citizenship applications were submitted. An even larger influx of candidates is expected in the coming months. The desire to live better, in a safer place that can provide better health care, education and business opportunities, where you can pay lower taxes – is inherent for every person. Unfortunately, this is exactly the desire used to benefit citizenship scams…

Why do scams aim at the Bulgarian Citizenship Program?

The answer is obvious. With so many candidates for Bulgarian citizenship, the chances of a successful scam increase. Fake citizenship dealers are throwing their nets everywhere. However, recently there has been increased activity of fraudsters offering Bulgarian(EU) citizenship in Hong Kong, Dubai, Russia, USA, and others.

What should you be vigilant about?

Be vigilant – this is the first protection, the first line of defense against any scams. What should you do if you receive an offer of the type of: the investment for the Bulgarian CIP is in the range of 1 to 2 million euros, but you will pay only 250 thousand? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? And that’s right – it can’t be true. Thus, instead of cheap European citizenship, you will only “lighten up” by 250 thousand. Don’t be fooled by such fantastic offers. The amount of investments for the Bulgarian CIP are fixed. The possibilities are wide. This is not money that you will give and forget about. No. This is your money and your investment. And it will bring you serious dividends. Here you can get acquainted with all the investment opportunities and all the important moments concerning the Bulgarian CIP: https://www.bulgarian-citizenship.org/citizenship-by-investment/. And the biggest dividend, of course, is the obtain of Bulgarian (EU) citizenship. Bulgarian citizenship is equivalent to European citizenship with all the ensuing advantages. As the right to travel visa-free throughout Europe and a total of over 160 countries worldwide.

Always check the legitimacy of the intermediary company or the person who offers you the “sweet” deal. Only seek the assistance of law firms and attorneys who are legitimate and licensed. If he is a lawyer – ask for his personal number, under which he is registered with the local bar association. Ask him also if he is a member of the International Bar Association? If it is a law firm – ask for their license number.

Our company has offices in two of the hotspots, where there is increased activity of counterfeit dealers of Bulgarian (EU) citizenship: Hong Kong and Dubai. If you have any doubts and need accurate information, our Legal Team will be happy to help you. The head office of the Citizenship and Investment Ltd is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Citizenship and Investment Ltd is an integral part of the VD&A group.

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