EU Citizenship in 12 months – mission possible!

EU citizenship in 12 months – is this possible? An EU Golden passport is a privilege that must be earned. There are rules and requirements that need to be accomplish. 2 years ago in the EU there were several working programs Citizenship by Investment a.k.a. Golden passport. With their help, applicants for European citizenship had the opportunity to obtain the desired gold passport in a matter of months. But it became clear that most of these programs did not follow the EU rules. The media covered and exposed corruption schemes, and the scandal erupted in full force in the Brussels. Cyprus and Malta have paid the price for their greed. As a result, almost all such programs in the EU have been closed. With the exception of one – the Bulgarian one.

Why Bulgarian CIP is better than ever?

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program remained outside the major corruption schemes. That’s probably why you haven’t heard it – the international citizenship agents didn’t offer it because they didn’t receive fat commissions from Bulgaria. But it turned out to be for the better. The heavily advertised and marketed programs ate themselves, falling victim to excessive greed and unhealthy interests. Meanwhile, the Bulgarian program was strengthening. In March 2021, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted amendments to the country’s Citizenship Act. Thanks to them, the Bulgarian CIP has even more transparent rules under which applicants for Bulgarian citizenship (golden EU passport) can apply. The 12-month fast-track citizenship program has 3 main stages.

1st Stage: The preliminary due persistence

Each candidate must meet certain requirements to be admitted to the second stage. Main requirement: not to be convicted. If you are aware of what happened to the Cyprus program, you probably know, it was stopped precisely because of a violation of this rule. A gold passport was promised to a Chinese businessman who was convicted in his country. In addition, the origin of your funds must be completely clear and legal. There should be no doubt about any dark deals. Your file must be clean and tidy.

Our advice on the first stage is to contact a local law-office with experienced immigration lawyers and familiar with the application procedure for the Citizenship by Investment Program. The legal experts of the law-office will check and prepare all the documents you need for the application. This will save you a lot of time, money and nerves associated with the inevitable bureaucratic and administrative procedures.

2nd Stage: First investment and obtaining permanent residency

The investment opportunities provided by the Bulgarian Program are really wide. You can also choose the size of your investment. The amount of the total investment varies from EUR 512 000 to EUR 2 048 000.

In the second stage you have to make your first investment in the amount equivalent to 512 000 EUR. This will ensure you permanent residency is the highest grade residency status in Bulgaria. And this leads to many rights and privileges.

3th Stage: Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship and EU passport

During the third stage you have to make your second and final investment. It is done 12 months after the first. I.e. the whole procedure lasts a total of… 12 months! Then you will become a proud Bulgarian citizen and holder of the EU Golden passport. And that guarantees you full rights to travel and do business anywhere in the EU. Visa-free travel to over 160 countries worldwide. And many other privileges for you and all your family.

EU citizenship in 12 months – mission complete.

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