Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.

Natalie Babbitt

One of the most attractive features of the Bulgarian Investment Citizenship Program is its transparency and simplicity. Other countries’ programs, apart from naming their irrevocable fees, “an investment”, tend to make the procedure overly complicated. Thereby the citizenship applicant is often being confused to extend where he is not able to keep track on the costs and fees being paid.

Even more importantly, the transparency of the procedure in Bulgaria ensures that all processes can be done with maximum legal compliance in mind. A complicated program in general means more legal hurdles and ultimately less compliance. In any citizenship (by investment) application (not only in Bulgaria), full compliance with the laws and regulations is of utmost importance. And that is not only because otherwise the application procedure can get stuck. What we consider to be even more dangerous is that in case of successful application, the citizenship can still be revoked, in case of improper handling of the application procedures has been proven or if falsified data has been submitted.

The Bulgarian fast-track citizenship program involves the following 5 main stages:

  • Preliminary due diligence;
  • Opening bank account and investing the required amount in shares, bonds, etc.;
  • Obtaining permanent residency;
  • Increasing the investment;
  • Obtaining citizenship.

There are no complicated requirements for investment in selected pre-approved real estate properties, buying special class non-liquid financial assets, etc. There are no complicated hold periods (in many cases life-time) for the investment to be blocked or anything similar.

For more information about the procedure, please be sure to read the section Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment.

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