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It is September 2020 and there is a new wave of CITIZENSHIP SCAMS in Hong Kong. We are hearing more and more news from our friends and clients from Hong Kong about unscrupulous agents offering illegal schemes.

The new scam – Bulgarian fast-track citizenship through investment in real estate

We have been warning the HK residents many times throughout the years already. Still, the scams are now back on the agenda. The newest hit is the offer to get Bulgarian citizenship by investment in real estate. Probably the scammers are marketing this (illegal) option, because the people of HK know very well the potential of the real estate market. So the scammers are now playing two chords at once:

Real estate investment opportunities and EU (Bulgarian) citizenship

What can be better than that, right….

The covid-19 situation – good news for the scammers in Hong Kong

The corona virus lock-down and restrictions on travel are also helping the scammers prosper in 2020. How do you think you will be inspecting your real estate “investment” in Bulgaria? Well, you can travel to Bulgaria, but is it worth all the hassle? The “agent” guarantees you that everything is ok and is even paying you the rental income from “your” Bulgarian house or apartment.

Fake Bulgarian passports in Hong Kong – be extremely cautious!

devil's face

Did you know that you can get Bulgarian citizenship and passport by investing only one 1 000 000 HK$ in real estate in Bulgaria. You don’t even have to wait a whole year, like others say. Transfer the money and you will get real estate investment and Bulgarian passport in only 3 months.

the latest SCAM in Hong Kong

And believe it or not, but you will really get Bulgarian passport within 3 months after you hand over the money to the scammers. The caveat is that the passport will be, you guessed it right, fake (please read the article about fake Bulgarian passports on

Check if your Bulgarian passport is genuine for FREE

Due to the sharply increased scam reports from Hong Kong, we are now offering completely FREE service to all HK residents. If you have received “Bulgarian passport”, but you have some doubts whether it is genuine, contact us immediately. We will perform the necessary checks with the Bulgarian authorities and will confirm to you whether your passport is genuine or not. If it appears that your passport is not legit, you will certainly save yourself a lot of legal problems. You will also have the chance to report those who have scammed you and to even eventually get your money back. The later is of course, very unlikely.

Check if the offer you have received for Bulgarian CBI is legitimate

If you have received an offer for Bulgarian citizenship by investment, you may be well wondering whether the person you are dealing with is indeed empowered to provide you the relevant services. Please contact us for assistance.


Please be advised that in case we are commissioned by you to check the validity of your passport or the offer you have received and we find serious legal irregularities (ie fake passport), we may be required by Bulgarian law to report the case to the Prosecutor’s office. We can assure you that all your rights will be fully observed.

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