Bulgarian citizenship for HK residents
Bulgarian (EU) Citizenship by Investment – the ultimate choice for HK nationals to obtain FREEDOM

How about getting EU passport in only about one year, in return for 100% guaranteed investment that pays you interest? An investment that is kept in your very own personal bank account in Hong Kong? Too good to be true? Just read on…

Urgent update on HONG KONG

So what has been going on in Hong Kong this summer of 2019? A lot actually – street protests and airport chaos, just to name some of the problems. The European Union is urging “all sides” to exercise restraint amid growing tensions and unrest in Hong Kong. What is the China government planning to do? We can only say that the future is uncertain, least to say.

Hong Kong demonstrations

But this is not what we are here to discuss now. We are here to help you! To help the ones who are fortunate enough to be able to afford citizenship of an EU country. Fortunate enough to enjoy ultimate protection, freedom of movement and settlement.

So is the current unrest in Hong Kong hiking the demand for second citizenship in the island?

Absolutely YES – the uncertainty about the future of the island has resulted in huge increase of the demand for SECOND CITIZENSHIP. And Bulgaria, as the EU country with the most convenient CIP is the logical choice.

We are now bombarded with inquiries from Hong Kong that started to flow immediately after the unrest has unfolded. At the same time, we have already taken the (legal) cases of clients who have been scammed from local HK agents. Please be warned – be extremely cautious who you are dealing with! Once the damage is done, it will cost you a fortune to set everything straight again.

As result of the current unrest in Hong Kong, we are now receiving more and more worrying reports about unscrupulous local HK “agents” who are trying to “sell” Bulgarian citizenship. Be warned – you may not only lose your money and investments, but you may be also investigated for committed fraud (in case of fraudulent application). Please read more at http://blog.bulgarian-citizenship.org/bulgarian-citizenship-cancelled/

What can we do for you?

First of all, please read everything you need to know about the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program.

You can also find information about the Bulgarian CIP in Mandarin. Cantonese version coming soon.

Please note that the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program is the ONLY EU CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT PROGRAM that has the following UNIQUE ADVANTAGES:

  • Lowest investment amount within the EU – only 1 024 000 EUR for the fast-track option;
  • Investment can be held with your very own personal Hong Kong bank (for ultimate protection and peace of mind);
  • Absolutely guaranteed investment in Bulgarian Eurobonds denominated in Euro – 100% guaranteed by the government;
  • Lowest legal fees (can not be even compared to the cosmic fees charged by Asian “agents”);
  • New(!) slots available exclusively for Hong Kong citizens – please call now to secure your place in the EU!

If you believe that you are ready to get the ball rolling and become EU citizen without further delay, please contact us asap. You can also email us at hong-kong@bglaw.eu or call us directly on all our telephone lines.


  1. I am HK citizen. What is the cheapest way to get Bulgaria passport

    1. Author

      Hello Emily,
      Unless you have Bulgarian roots, which is unlikely for a person from Hong Kong, you should go for the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program. Please be warned however that since the unrest started in HK, there are more and more worrying news about unscrupulous HK agents trying to market the program illegally. Please be sure to read My Bulgarian citizenship has been cancelled. Now what? and this article from Posolstvo.eu for the possible consequences.

    2. Get marry with a Bulgarian citizen!!! I

      1. Author

        Marrying Bulgarian national is neither an easy nor a fast way to become Bulgarian citizen. In fact, under normal circumstances, one will be eligible for citizenship only after 10 years of marriage and full time residency in Bulgaria. Language test will need to be passed (hard even for Russians, who have similar language, and virtually impossible for Chinese) and previous citizenships renounced (except for EU nationals).
        But even if the legislation was different and lets say hypothetically (lets dream for awhile), marriage would transform to immediate Bulgarian citizenship. Do you think there would be an easy way of finding Bulgarian partner to marry with and become citizen (there are only 7 million Bulgarians)? We can only imagine the waiting line of Russian ladies waiting for their dark skinned Bulgarian men 🙂 Not to mention the Indian machos, in large numbers, trying to impress the Bulgarian girls. HK guys would still be better off with citizenship by investment, still faster, and still cheaper 🙂

      2. € 250-300,000 in condominium purchase or bank deposit for 5 yrs will grant anyone cypress or purtugal citizenship within a year guaranteed.

        1. Author

          Unfortunately this is only partially true. No bank deposit will result in EU residency. EU banks have already started charging negative interest rates on bank deposits and speaking about EU residency in return for bank deposit is ridiculous. Property purchase is loaded usually with 30% markup and about 20% VAT so a 250 000 EUR property “investment” results in 125 000 EUR cost for the “investor”.
          But most importantly what does residency of Portugal/Greece has to do with Bulgarian citizenship? We have to make clear distinction between citizenship and residency.

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