May 23rd, 2020 – the residents of Hong Kong are storming our offices to apply for second citizenship and Bulgarian passports. The amount of applications has increased 5-fold after the news broke out that China will impose controversial Hong Kong security law.

How it all started in 2019

After the start of the “pro-democratic” protests in Hong Kong in 2019, the future of the city looked bleak. What looked like a genuine desire for freedom, soon transformed to barbaric street violence. Everyone who spoke Mandarin was a target. China was an enemy. The Chinese were enemies. And the Hongkongers were anything, but Chinese of course. They were British, or so the protesters were wet-dreaming. Everyone who had different opinion was an enemy. Everyone who even looked like (mainland) Chinese was a bad guy.

The protesters – first in line for Bulgarian citizenship by investment

The West did support the protesters in almost all fronts. Except one – the West never considered the Hongkongers to be “one of them”. After Britain handed HK over to China, the Hongkongers were humiliated when they didn’t receive British citizenship, although being part of the Empire for so many years. Instead, the UK granted the “most determined” Hongkongers the crippled BN(O) citizenship. In our opinion, this is one of the greatest humiliation to human beings (nation) in the 20th century. Humiliation not only because the UK invented this second class citizenship, but because there were HKers who have applied for it and have accepted it.

BN(O) citizens are like neutered cats – they have zero fun in life and leave no heirs*

* One of the greatest controversies of the BN(O) citizenship is that it can’t be transferred by descent. Therefore the number of living BN(O) nationals will dwindle until there are none.

So the Hongkongers, with the protesters in the front line, started the first wave of second citizenship hunt in 2019. Many opted for USA and Canada, but guess what, they faced a cold reception there. So they quickly realized that an EU citizenship is even better for them, much better.

The advantages of EU citizenship

The Hongkongers found out that EU citizenship provides unlimited living rights in 30+ countries. They could opt to live not only anywhere in the EU, but in some other countries too – Switzerland, Norway, etc. Not only that, but attending universities in USA and Canada, as EU citizens, appeared to be much more beneficial.

So they grabbed that opportunity and soon found out that applying for Bulgarian passport by investment is their easiest option within the EU.

The covid-19

After the outbreak of covid-19 at the start of 2020, the protests in HK faded away. The World was put to a standstill and the funding of the leaders of the street riots in HK drained too. So the demand for EU (Bulgarian) citizenship declined slightly.

Until the covid-19 took a step back and China took a step forward….

China to impose controversial Hong Kong security law (22.05.2020)

The Chinese law is basically trying to ban “treason, secession, sedition and subversion”. It is seen as controversial as it may actually bypass the Hong Kong’s lawmakers. The west is saying that China is breaking its obligation to allow HK exclusive rights and freedoms. Pro-democracy activists are again calling for mass protests against erosion of the Hong Kong’s autonomy. Many are expecting the street riots to start again.

Amount of application for Bulgarian citizenship by investment from HK skyrockets

Since the announcement of the Chinese intentions, only few days ago, we have experienced huge increase of applications for Bulgarian citizenship. The Hongkongers are again lining up to obtain citizenship by investment. Protesters and their critics – all together in the same boat. To get hold of the ultimate democracy tool, the right to live anywhere they wish to – the EU passport.

Our assistance

Our lawyers are frequently visiting Hong Kong and are meeting clients to assist them with their applications for Bulgarian citizenship. Please check out our schedule for 2020 an contact us if you want to book a meeting later this year. If you haven’t yet started your Bulgarian citizenship application, please contact us for immediate assistance.

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