Recently, from the start of 2019, we have received an enormous amount of inquiries originating from Albania. Virtually all were related to questions as to how to obtain Bulgarian citizenship as, as claimed the clients, they have Bulgarian roots (most of the times grand father – Bulgarian).

The Albanian scam – 2019 update

While there is a large minority of Bulgarian population in Albania, there seems to be some unscrupulous people (agents) in Albania who are trying to convince many of the locals that they can provide them with “genuine” documents showing that they have Bulgarian ancestors.

Please be warned – claiming and applying for Bulgarian citizenship by presenting falsified documents is a serious crime that may lead to serious punishment. Do not trust anybody that comes out of the blue and offers you to become EU (Bulgarian) citizen in no time! The amount of scams are on the rise and you may not only lose your money, but can also get in serious trouble with the law.

The genuine applicants

Apart from those who fall in the hands of the scammers, there is indeed a large Bulgarian minority in Albania. We encourage everyone who is convinced that he or she is of Bulgarian origin to read carefully our citizenship by origin section and to contact us as soon as possible in order to apply for and obtain Bulgarian passport.

Please be advised however that each and every applicant has to undergo preliminary due diligence procedure in order to verify and confirm his or her eligibility for Bulgarian citizenship.

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