Our offer to non-EU clients who wish to obtain EU (Bulgarian) residency and consequentially obtain Bulgarian citizenship

This offer is not for Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment. The offer doesn’t require any investment, in Eurobonds, Bulgarian stock-listed shares or other investment instruments, as are foreseen by the Bulgarian CIP.

EU immigration vs USA immigration

More than 750 million Worldwide would migrate (if they could). According to report from Gallup, the USA is still the most desired “single-country” destination for immigration. There are estimated 158 million people who would immediately move to the USA, if they only could. The shocking result is however, that there are 183 million who are willing to move to an EU country. As the EU is applying common visa and immigration policies, it should be considered as a single “destination”, pretty much as are the 50 US states.

There are 158 million people desiring to relocate to the USA. To the EU countries (incl. Switzerland), the number is the staggering 183 million. What it means is that the EU is currently the #1 desired destination for immigration – worldwide!

So why are there so many people who desire to immigrate to the EU?

EU residency and citizenship have been the dream for many people from around the world for quite some time already. The EU member states are not only the “cradle of democracy” and the “foundation of our modern society”. The EU residency and citizenship provide unlimited diversity and options for the residents to move freely between more than 30 countries. EU citizens/residents can reside wherever they decide to within the EU. They can work and retire without any formalities in any EU country. The advantages are endless. For more information, please visit posolstvo.eu.

Bulgaria immigration

Bulgaria – your gateway to the diversity of the European Union

Obtaining Bulgarian residency and citizenship is obviously granting you full access to the huge advantages of the whole EU. Many of our clients are opting for the Bulgarian CBI program, but it may be costly for many and it also requires substantial investment capital.

The “normal” route to Bulgarian (EU) residency and citizenship is much more affordable however. The Bulgarian Law for the Foreigners and the Law for the Bulgarian Citizenship offer many opportunities, luckily.


Our legal team will assess everyone’s particular circumstances and will draw clear plan how to obtain:

  1. Bulgarian residency;
  2. Bulgarian citizenship.

The promotional fee for the turnkey process of obtaining Bulgarian residency and Bulgarian citizenship is only 7500 EUR.


Please note that acceptance criteria apply and the offer is subject to successful due diligence completion.

If you want to apply for this offer, please contact us (will open in new window) at your earliest convenience.

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