The migrant’s guide to the world is nothing in common, of course, with the great work of Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). This is a modest attempt to gather the more important moments and terms that would help migrants around the world. We wish you a good and successful trip, wherever you go!

The concept of immigration and emigration

Migration is the relocation of people to another state.

Immigration – relocation to another country for permanent residence or for a long time.

Emigration is resettlement from your own country.

Immigrant visa – issued to foreigners who are interested in obtaining the status of permanent resident of another country.

Temporary residence permit – allows you to temporarily stay in the country and is issued on the basis of an immigration visa. May be extended and replaced over time with permanent residence.

Permanent residence – the right of permanent residence, which an immigrant receives after several years of living in the country. Sometimes permanent residence can be obtained immediately on an immigration visa. It depends on the method and country of immigration.

Permanent resident – a holder of a permanent residence permit or permanent residence. Usually has all the rights of a citizen of a country, except political.

Expatriates – people who have left their homeland and lost their citizenship.

The migrant`s guide: Ways to immigration

  • Educational.  A student graduates from a university abroad and gets the opportunity to find a job and stay in the country.
  • Work. A professional finds work in the country and remains to live there.
  • Business immigration. An entrepreneur opens a new one or buys an already existing business in the country, and an investor contributes to its economy. Sometimes immigration for investors stands out in a separate direction.
  • Marriage. The fiancé enters the country, marries a citizen / resident of the country and establishes there as a spouse.
  • Family reunification. The closest relatives (usually spouses and minor children) of a citizen or resident enter the country with the right of permanent residence.
  • Humanitarian. Refugees or people who are persecuted for political, religious or other reasons, ask for protection from the state and get the opportunity to stay in the country.
  • Special programs. Special categories of people have the right to become eligible for permanent residence in the country or citizenship (for example, repatriates).

The migrant`s guide: Better chances for a visa

  • Show financial viability.
  • Provide proof of high proficiency in the language of the immigration country.
  • Represent the sought-after profession in the labor market of the chosen state.
  • A crystal clear criminal record.
  • Collect a full package of required documents (skipping one document may be a reason for refusal).
  • Study carefully the requirements for immigrants in the selected country and category.

The migrant`s guide: Basic requirements for citizenship

  • Living in the country for several years with a residence permit / permanent residence.
  • An investment that guarantees citizenship bypassing visa and residence permit / permanent residence.
  • Knowledge of the state language (certificate of language proficiency).
  • Knowledge of culture, social and political structure (certificate of citizenship exam or its equivalent).
  • Renunciation of previous citizenship, if required by law of the country.

Purchase of residence permit / citizenship

States offer their residence permits or citizenship to those who are willing to invest in their economies. For instance, to buy real estate or government bonds. Or make a large bank deposit. This method of immigration is often referred to as obtaining a “golden visa”. In fact, this is the right to a residence permit or citizenship, which the investor receives after buying a property / investment. Additional requirements for an investor may be the absence of crimes on his account and the issue of medical insurance. Most often, an investment holder needs to spend several months in the country a year, not withdraw investment from the country for several years and have a stable income of a certain size.

Southern European countries are the best option for immigration of this type. Due to geographical proximity. And the possibility of visa-free entry to many countries, obtaining an EU passport. And the most favorable conditions for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship.

The best countries to buy a residence permit / permanent residence by investments 

In this category are the leading countries of Southern and Eastern Europe. Among them are Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Portugal. You can get permanent residence against real estate investments. For example, investment in the restoration of real estate, which was built more than 30 years ago. Or which is located in an area of the city that needs reconstruction. Sum of investment: 350,000 Euro. Investments in preserving cultural heritage, supporting art, etc. Sum of investment: 250,000 Euro. Also investments in scientific research (300000 EUR) or any investment in the amount of 1 million euro.

In Spain, a permanent residence through investments can be obtained for the purchase of real estate in the amount of 500 thousand Euro. Also for investment in a bank / company amounting to 1 million euros. Or for the purchase of government bonds amounting to 2 mln.

Bulgaria. A permanent residence is obtained for investment in a company whose shares are present on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Total amount: 511326 EUR. And also for an investment in a company whose shares are not on the Bulgarian stock exchange, in the amount of 3067953EUR.

The best countries to buy citizenship by investment (CIP)

The countries with the best Citizenship through Investment (CIP) program are Malta, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey.

In Malta, you have several opportunities to invest in CIP. For instance, five-year lease of real estate in the amount of 80 000 EUR. Or buying a property for 350 000 EUR. And also contribution to the National Fund for Development and Social Protection in the amount of 650,000 Еur. In addition, purchase of state bonds or bonds or securities from the Maltese Stock Exchange for a sum of 150,000 euros.

To become a citizen of Cyprus under the Citizenship by Investment (CIP) program, you need to purchase 200,000 euros of real estate.

By joining the Bulgarian CIP, you will get a European passport for exactly 18 months. Besides, your family is also included in the deal. Read ALL about the Bulgarian CIP.

The migrant`s guide: Taxes and Fees

Business immigration is becoming more and more common for Europeans and North Americans. Two of the main reasons are the possibility to travel visa-free to more countries around the world. And of course, the financial factor. Search for a country with lower taxes and fees.

By way of comparison, we will show you what business taxes are in some countries around the world.

Germany: Federal rate – 15%, collection of solidarity – 5.5%, tax depending on the federal state. Or the total result are: 30% tax!

USA: Federal rate – 21%, tax depending on the state (44 out of 50 states). Total result: 25,7%.

Israel, Italy & Spain: 25% fixed tax.

Finland: 20 %

Poland: 19% (Exception 15% for startups in the first year and for small business (income including VAT on goods and services less than 1200000EUR)

Australia: 30%

Canada: 37 %

Bulgaria: 10% flat tax.

The migrant`s guide: VD&A

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