Citizenship of Ukraine – not an EU citizenship, though a nice alternative for EU visa-free travel

Kiev girl posing
Kiev – central (Maidan) square

Ukraine has made its choice for its European (Union) future

For most people, Ukraine is only known for its beautiful girls, excellent food and that it shares common history with Russia and the Soviet Union. Ukraine has made it to the headlines in 2014 when the Euromaidan activists took things in own hands and forced former President Yanukovitch to flee the country. Since then, Ukraine has decided on its pro European future and has tightened enormously its relations with the EU and the USA.

Ukrainians enjoy visa-free travel to all of the EU countries

Ukraine made great effort to align its laws and democratic principles with those of the EU countries and has gained the trust of its European partners. As result, on 28 March 2017 the European Union applied visa-free regime to all Ukrainian citizens who hold new biometric passports.

And the “visa-free list” goes on and on…

The Ukrainian passport has immediately became one of the most sought after passports in the world (basically second best to EU passports) as it allows visa-free travel to the EU for 90 days (which is in fact a lot). The Ukrainian government didn’t stop there though. Through the active foreign policy of former president Poroshenko, and now President Zelensky, Ukraine concluded many additional agreements for visa-free travel. For example, Ukrainians can travel visa-free to Thailand as from 14 April 2019, a privilege that even some EU passport holders don’t have. Other visa-free countries for Ukrainian nationals are UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Israel, Brasil, Serbia, just to name a few.

The Ukrainian passport leaves behind the former “market players” – Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, Vanuatu, etc.

For decades, Caribbean and other island countries citizenship programs were shaping the landscape of the second passport consultancy businesses around the world. The passports of these tiny islands were (and still are) providing visa-free access to the EU and the USA. USA has already reintroduced visa requirements to the citizens of most of these countries and it is widely expected that the EU will follow soon. The outlook for Ukraine looks quite different though.

Ukraine’s pro-European future sets the value of its passport to rise significantly

The Ukraine’s passport is already a perfect tool for worldwide visa-free travel! However, its value is set to skyrocket as Ukraine is moving fast forward towards full EU membership. Although the country’s accession date is still unclear and probably not so in the near future, once Ukraine joins the EU, its passport worth will be of no lesser value than of those of the other EU member states. The Bulgarian passport for instance is now estimated to be worth of about 1 million US Dollars. Prior to 2007, when Bulgaria joined the EU, its value was estimated to be at about 20 to 25 thousand US Dollars.

How to obtain Ukrainian Citizenship through marriage?

Ukrainian beautiful girls taking pictures in Kiev
Ukrainian girls taking pictures in downtown Kiev

Marrying Ukrainian girl has long been the dream for many men from around the world. Until now, mostly “western” men have undertaken the “journey” to to find the right wife for life. Many men from the USA, Europe and other countries travel every year to Ukraine with the hope to find their love. And indeed, many succeed.

But marrying Ukrainian girl comes with an added bonus – UKRAINIAN CITIZENSHIP.

The timeline

The law for 2019 – marriage for 24 months with a citizen of Ukraine is your legal ground to obtain citizenship of Ukraine. Sounds to good to be truth? Our legal team is here to help you obtain your Ukrainian citizenship in the shortest terms possible with 100% success rate!

The administrative process takes from 4 to 7 months. Bear in mind that in Ukraine, bureaucracy is still quite heavy and our timeline is way ahead of the small local agents in Ukraine who usually work only until they get hold of your money. With all that being said, the process from start to end (to get Ukrainian citizenship by marriage) takes from 28 to 31 months. With guaranteed success!

The requirements

In order to qualify for Ukrainian citizenship by marriage, the following criteria have to be met:

  • As already mentioned above, legal marriage with Ukrainian citizen must have been in existence for a period of 24 months or more;
  • The candidate must abide by the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine, which is guaranteed by signing of a special declaration;
  • The citizenship applicant must be able to communicate sufficiently in Ukrainian language;
  • The candidate has to posses sufficient funds to support himself and his family;
  • The applicant must be able to present certificate showing that he has not been convicted for serious crimes, including crimes against the humanity and genocide.

Additionally (and quite logically) the candidate must present his immigration approval (residence permit) to live in the territory of Ukraine. As to the language test, it is worth mentioning that the level of proficiency that is required is adapted to the fact that the candidate has been married to Ukrainian citizen for only 2 years.

Why choose us?

Ukraine is striving towards joining the EU, but unfortunately its laws and business practices are still lagging far behind. There is a strong sense of “rip off the foreigner culture” that shapes the whole business landscape in the country. The lack of serious regulations by the government has led to the emergence of many unscrupulous agents and lawyers. While the new president Zelensky has pledged to take serious measures to improve Ukraine’s perception by other countries, the percentage of scammed foreigners in the country is still staggering.

EU regulated legal company is your only guarantee for successful application and most importantly – stress-less experience!

Our legal dealings in Ukraine in the field of citizenship and immigration are bound by both the Ukrainian legislation and the EU legal governance. As an EU company and EU licensed lawyers, we are able to provide ultimate service with waterproof guarantees. We obviously deal with local Ukrainian lawyers for some part of the legal formalities, but we only select the best of the best. Our partners have bespoken reputation and we can provide 100% guarantee that the client’s files will be handled with utmost attention and priority. We cut no corners when it comes to legal compliance.

Additionally, we are bound by the EU GDPR directives and can thereby guarantee full protection of all our clients personal details.

How to proceed from here

If you believe obtaining citizenship of Ukraine through marriage is your cup of tea, then please contact us as soon as possible (before falling in the hands of the local Ukrainian cowboys, and yes, we mean it). You can call or viber directly our Ukrainian legal representative at +380 68 4911713. Alternatively, please fill in our contact form and let us know how we can assist you.

In any case, good luck with your Ukrainian adventure. Its a lot of fun and comes with an added bonus – Ukrainian passport and EU visa-free travel!


  1. I am in Kiev now, where do I find your office?

    1. Author

      Please call our representative at +380 68 4911713 to arrange a meeting.
      Best regards

      1. do you have whatsapp or telegram or instagram

        please message me on whatsapp

  2. My wife is from Donetsk, can I apply? I am Jordanian and have studied n Ukraine for 2 years.

  3. Author

    Hello Jim,
    Donetsk is part of Ukraine so you can obviously apply. Bearing in mind the current situation there, it may be difficult for you to obtain your marriage certificate. Please let us know if we can assist. Having studied in Ukraine for 2 years should definitely help you with the language test 🙂

  4. Hi guys, I am American with Ukrainian wife. We plan on living in Greece; is Ukrainian citizenship a good option for me? Do I have to surrenter my US citienship if I get Ukrainian passport?

    1. Author

      Hi Garry,
      Ukrainian citizenship is not the best option for you in your particular situation. Not only you will need to surrender your US passport, but you will only get visa-free travel to the EU, something you already have the right of as US citizen. Having Ukrainian passport will also provide you unlimited rights to live in Ukraine, but you are eligible for Ukrainian residence permit anyways as you are married to Ukrainian person. We would suggest you the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program (, which will provide you unlimited living rights EU-wide, including Greece of course.
      If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  5. You w’d be kind to inform me clearly and exact:
    It is clear to get right to get citizenship of Ukraine after 2 years, when you are married to Ukrainian.
    But, I w’d like to know does it require to live together with your spouse, or how long requires to live together with your spouse? For example, after getting married you leave Ukraine and in that case, after 2 years applying for citizenchip, is it possible according to Ukrainian laws?


    best regards

    1. Author

      Hello Frans,
      The requirement is for the couple to be living effectively together as is foreseen in the Ukrainian family codes. The requirement to live in Ukraine differs from the requirement to comply with the family code. For any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  6. Hey guys thank you for the useful information!
    I just have one question, me and my Ukrainian wife are married in Poland since two years amd few months already and now I would like to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship.
    Well, the fact is I never been to Ukraine but I speak some Ukrainian. In this case how i can apply for the citizenship?

    1. Author

      If you have never been to Ukraine, this means that your marriage is most probably not registered there. We recommend you contacting our offices for further assistance.

  7. Доброго дня,
    Я постійно живу в Україні останні 5 років. Я одружився за громадянина Українa, але через 3 роки розлучився. У мене є постійний дозвіл на проживання за останні півтора року.
    Чи можу я отримати громадянство чи ні?

    1. Author

      Please respect the other readers and post comments in the language of the article, English in this particular case. Thank you!

  8. hi i married with Ukrinian girl 12/21 now im out of Ukraine and due to war cant land in Ukraine can i apply P.R out of Ukraine through any Ukrainian Embassy?

    1. Author

      It depends on many factors. Please contact our offices if you need assistance.
      We are somewhat puzzled though why are you contacting us through our website, which is obviously dedicated to Bulgarian citizenship and doesn’t directly deal with Ukrainian PR.

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