New EU citizenship options are being targeted by affluent foreigners

Now, when there is no more hardcore citizenship by investment in the EU, the international clients have to look elsewhere. But elsewhere, outside of the EU, it is just not good enough. Because in the end of the day, everybody wants an EU passport, not some tiny Caribbean island citizenship. With the investment citizenship options crippled, foreign affluent individuals quickly discovered the hidden gem in the Bulgarian legislation – the Bulgarian citizenship for special merits.

While the conditions of the special merits citizenship seem extremely favourable, there is a catch. The most important is that there is no way to apply directly for citizenship. It is obvious that if the candidate sends a letter to the authorities with the proposition to be granted citizenship, this will be not considered seriously. It’s the same as if he sends a letter to become President, this will never happen.

The conditions of the special merits citizenship

The advantages of the special merits citizenship are remarkable:

  • immediate eligibility (no waiting time in terms of residence, etc.);
  • no language test;
  • no requirement to relinquish existing citizenship;
  • striking fast processing time;
  • no financial contribution required;
  • no investment required.

Is the special merits citizenship suitable for everybody?

Definitely NO. In order to be considered for special merits Bulgarian citizenship, you have to be “spotted” by the government, more specifically by the relevant minister. And in order for this to happen, your case needs to become well-known in the country.

Past or future merits

This is one of the most frequent questions that we have to answer. So should the candidate have already provided some sort of services to the state? Or it is sufficient for him to only have the potential to be of service to the state in future? Well, both will work out. It is all subject to interpretation, but both past and future “service” may qualify you for Bulgarian citizenship for special merits.

Premium citizenship services

Citizenship for special merits is the ultimate path and the fastest path to obtain Bulgarian citizenship. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or in case that you believe you may be eligible. You can also get straight to the VD&A’s special merits citizenship team if you require premium services.

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