Nobody can predict what will happen in Belarus after the controversial presidential elections. President Lukashenko seemingly won with 80% of the votes. Opposition leader Tikhanovskaya however disputes the results and is kind of creating a shadow government abroad.

The businessmen in Belarus need freedom to travel

While the politicians are fighting for power, the business people in Belarus need freedom to travel. And they need it desperately.

The Belarusian passport – one of the weakest in the world

The passport of Belarus is pretty much worthless for international travel. Apart from Russia and few other countries in the area, almost any other country requires entry visa for Belorussians.

Bulgarian citizenship by investment – the ideal solution for those with sufficient net-worth in Belarus

Immediately after the election results were announced, we started receiving huge amount of inquiries from businessmen in Belarus. All they wanted was – Bulgarian citizenship by investment. And they want it done fast.

We remind all our clients from Belarus that the Bulgarian CIP requires a purchase of Bulgarian Eurobonds for an amount of at least 1 024 000 EUR. The bonds can be held on an account in Belarus and we recommend using the services of Belarusbank for the transaction. We will fully assist all our clients with the purchase of the bonds and will advise them on the currency regulations in Belarus.

We have dedicated special team who will be working exclusively with clients from Belarus. For urgent inquiries, please email the team directly at

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