At the moment of writing of this article, the price of one troy ounce of pure gold stands at $1964. Calculated in kilograms, a one kilo gold bar comes with a price tag of 63145 USD. Is that a lot? Depends on who you ask and what you compare the price with. Let’s see how gold compares with EU citizenship.

Did you know that one kilo pure gold is contained in a cube with a side of only 3,73cm. This is roughly the size of 2 standard matchboxes.

Maltese and Bulgarian citizenship by investment – compared to gold


Recently, the Maltese program ceased its existence, at least for 2020.This is because the number of applicants reached the maximum allowed by law. So is the Maltese citizenship by investment program so affordable if there are so many candidates? Measured in gold, to get hold of Maltese passport will cost you roughly 17 kg pure gold. This may sound a lot, but you can put all that gold in a 2 liter bottle.

Bulgarian passport vs gold


In Bulgaria things are different. There is no massive publicity of its citizenship by investment program and it seems that the Bulgarian government doesn’t really care to attract citizenship investors. Bulgaria has one of the lowest external debts in the EU, so why bother, I hear our politicians saying. The good thing however is, that the cost of the program is much lower than the one of Malta. More precisely, to get Bulgarian passport by investment will roughly cost you only one kilo of pure gold. Still thinking that’s a lot?

The South African citizens realizing what the best EU citizenship (by investment) program is

The people of South Africa started their big exodus in 2020. Exodus in terms of securing for themselves and their families a safe harbor in more prosperous and safe countries. They have realized that all EU passports are basically the same. All provide the same rights within the EU and virtually the same visa-free travel opportunities.

And the South Africans now know better than ever, that cost matters. So why give away 17 kilo gold for a Maltese passport when they can get Bulgarian citizenship for so much less?

There may still be a lot of gold in South Africa, but money is tight. Still, those who can afford it know very well that investing in EU citizenship is a much more rewarding than investing in anything else.

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