Scam alert – February 2021

To all our existing and prospective clients: please be aware of new citizenship scams. Now that the covid rules the world for almost an year, the unscrupulous “citizenship agents” strike more furiously than ever.

hungry sharks swimming around Bulgarian passport

The EU citizenship options are now almost non existent (with exception of the Bulgarian CIP). And with less options available, the hungry sharks need their meat ration more than ever. That’s why they now bite much more often. And when they strike, they will get all your money and you will not even have the chance to file a case against them. Because you will be co-participant in their illegal activities.

Please note that:

The Cypriot investment citizenship program is canceled. The program of Malta is extremely expensive (you literally will need to spend1 about a million Euro) and the success rate is not much higher than the one of winning the lottery. And that’s it for the EU (not counting Bulgaria).

1 Spend, as really spend, pay irrevocably. Spend is different than investing. In Malta, you will need to spend that money to pay fees and contributions, donations, no matter how its called.

The citizenship scams

Pay irrevocably $300 000 and get Bulgarian citizenship without the need of investment“?

The amount of course can differ. Most often it is about 250-350 thousand USDollars. This is probably the most widespread scams of all. The thing is that you will never get Bulgarian citizenship as this scheme is illegal and very well known to the Bulgarian authorities. The really bad thing is that you will also brake a dozen of laws in Bulgaria and may be held criminally liable. So you may get jail sentence, instead of EU passport.

Invest on the Cayman Islands and get Bulgarian citizenship“?

Tom Cruise - the Firm
Tom Cruise in “The Firm”, where it has all started on the Cayman Islands. Magnificent movie – definitely worth watching.

“You can’t be serious”, we hear you saying. But there are people who fall for such schemes, believe it or not. And when they see that they have been coned, they still can’t accept the harsh reality. Not only their application is put to a dead end, but they are now under the radar of the national security services and their future is quite… uncertain. We can only recommend them watching the magnificent movie The Firm and wish them they have the charm and the luck of Tom Cruise to avoid… complications.

The last EU resort for fast passport, the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program is now being aggressively utilized by the scammers, who will lure you with comprehensive financial schemes, only to get your money and leave you in the dirt. By “leaving you in the dirt” we mean not only that you will never get Bulgarian citizenship, but you will most likely have to deal with the prosecutor’s office and fight to prove that you have been a “victim” rather than a “perpetrator”.

Other EU countries’ citizenship – the new bait used by the scammers

Fancy EU investment citizenship of “Silvenia“? Slovakia? Slovenia?

Have you got an offer to get citizenship by investment of “Silvenia“? Or is it Slovenia? Or was it Slovakia? Or isn’t that all the same? If you have, open your eyes wide! Do your own research first. And be very, very cautious.

Its not necessarily that it will be Slovenia or Slovakia. As a matter of fact, virtually any EU country is now being used by the scammers to lure clients into paying for non-existing citizenship by investment programs. For as far as the EU country is not as well known as is Germany, France or Italy for example. The less known the EU country is, the easier the scammers will convince you that the country is offering investment citizenship option. Be on alert!

If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of an offer that you receive, you can contact us for assistance. Be especially cautious if you are offered to participate in financial schemes through offshore jurisdictions. We are not living in the 1990’s – what may seem legit to you, because it has been legit 20 years ago, is now considered criminal activity. Do your self the best favor and stay legal.

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