People often ask us “how much does it cost to become EU citizen by investment“. And this is basically the “one million dollar question“.

Occasional promotional offers for Bulgarian citizenship by investment

Roughly once in a year we are running limited-time promotional campaigns at extremely favorable conditions. The fees we quote to clients from selected countries are so low that many (who know what the real prices are) would consider them as “free stuff”.

We use these campaigns not only to “give away” some unique opportunities to clients from countries that might need some help. We also make some very important observations and conclusions after the end of each of our promotional campaigns.

The people of India – hit by the covid19 and in need of freedom to travel and relocate to Europe

The 2021 campaign was aimed at citizens of India. It is not only that the Indians have suffered a lot this year from the pandemic. It is also that we consider India to be a nation that deserves more than it currently has access to.

What always puzzles us is that a big portion of the clients do not realize the value of the EU Golden Passport when they are offered very low prices. The lower we go under such promotional campaigns, the more the clients tend to be willing to bargain even more. Is this the nature of human psychology? Or is it because our promotional offers are mostly targeted at clients in countries in distress? This is something we never could explain to ourselves during the years.

Indian flag and Bulgarian passport

The wrong approach (the wrong question about the “price” of the EU Golden Passport)

Obtaining citizenship by investment is not like buying a new Ferrari

The problem with this question is that obtaining EU citizenship by investment is not like buying a new Ferrari from the showroom. When you are buying the car, the seller makes profit. And the seller, for the sake of his profit, will promise you the earth if he has to. That’s the whole idea behind car production and sales. The car is being manufactured and sold with the sole purpose of making profit.

EU Golden Passport programs are not “passport for sale” schemes

EU citizenship by investment is different though. Some small island countries in the Pacific or the Caribbean are indeed making money out of their CIP (ie Vanuatu). Indeed, this (to certain degree) was even the case in the EU, but those who tried that, learned their lesson and had to shut down. Currently, the only EU Golden Passport option – the one of Bulgaria (and also Malta, but working only partially after the latest scandal), needs to prove on EU level that the program is not “passport for sale scheme”. Therefore there is nobody who wants you to “buy” the Golden Passport. It is you – the applicant, with our support, that will need to prove to the authorities that you deserve to become EU citizen through the investment program.

Unlike with the Ferrari sale, it is not the car dealer who will be drinking the champagne after you drive away in the expensive car. With the citizenship by investment, it is you who will be celebrating. But only if you are lucky enough to qualify and pass all the procedures without cutting any corners. And only those who realize that, will be able to change their life through the last unique opportunity to become EU citizen by investment.

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