If you‘re too free, you‘re like the way Hong Kong is now. It‘s very chaotic.

Jackie Chan
Bulgarian, HKSAR and BN(O) passports

The 2019 summer unrest in Hong Kong has unveiled the deep problems of the society in Hong Kong. Many see the protests as neo-liberal push by the Western powers to give the Hongkongers more independence from mainland China, while others believe the people on the streets are simply defending their purely pro-democratic values. Whatever the truth is, one thing is certain:

“The people of Hong Kong need safety net – a second citizenship that will allow them living in more democratic parts of the world.”

Starting from 2017, the team of Citizenship and Investments LTD has been strongly involved with the developments in Hong Kong. We have served many clients, holders of HKSAR passports, and have provided them the opportunity to obtain EU (Bulgarian) citizenship. The Bulgarian passport enables the Hongkongers to live permanently and without any administrative formalities not only in Bulgaria, but also in any other EU country, as well as in Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.

Many British National (Overseas), or BN(O), passport holders are at the moment also worried about the prospects ahead. The BN(O) passport, controversial in its core, doesn’t provide the right of abode neither in the UK, nor in any other EU country. The BN(O) passport holders are among those who are also considering urgently obtaining (real) EU passport so they can have the freedom of relocating to the EU, if the need arises.

Our special Blog section – constant update on the situation in Hong Kong and the opportunities for second citizenship for the Hongkongers

In our effort to help those in need of second citizenship in HK, we are now frequently updating the information about the developments in Hong Kong. We are also uploading all related legal amendments in Bulgaria that will concern the possibility of the Hongkongers to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. We put special emphasis into warning the HK people about the unscrupulous agents who are now extremely actively (and illegally) promoting the Bulgarian CBI.

We urge everyone concerned to bookmark and check frequently our Blog section about the possibilities for the residents of Hong Kong to apply for and obtain Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment.

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