Hong Kong outbreak Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak

Today we will not speak about Bulgarian citizenship. Today, we only want to tell to the people of China and all affected neighboring countries, that we are heart and soul with them in these difficult times.

The virus outbreak made us all realize how fragile human life is. It made us cherish more the everyday things.

We want the people from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and all countries in South East Asia to know that they are not alone in their fight against the Coronavirus. We want them to know that we may be far away, but we understand their worries and we will do our best to help them, with everything we can.

Our own lawyers have just came back from Hong Kong and they saw how serious the situation is. We will stand together and once the outbreak is over, we will start living normal again. For the time being though, we will pray and will hope for the best.

Once the skies clear and the virus is gone

We are certain that the virus will be cured soon and then everything will revert back to normal. And then, we will be back together, all of us. We will be wiser and will be hopefully more united.

The situation in Hong Kong

We want to see the people of Hong Kong united. We would love to never see again the protests that took place in 2019.

We would love to see the people of Hong Kong mastering Mandarin and the Mainlanders learning Cantonese. We would love to see the countries in South East Asia being united as we, the Europeans are.

To our clients who may be affected directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus

If any of you, our clients, have been affected in any way by the situation and need assistance. If you are unable to prepare some of the documents for your citizenship application, if you are unable to make payments, please contact us asap. We have dedicated special hotline to assist in such cases. You can call your usual contact in our company or email directly to coronavirus@bglaw.eu.

You are not alone – God Bless You and may this all be over soon!

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