granted Bulgarian citizenship in 2020

The past year was sad for many, but those who obtained Bulgarian citizenship by investment have every reason to celebrate in 2021

Update January 10th, 2021

Due to the large amount of enquiries, we will be organizing two panels with six participants in each panel. In each panel there will be one or two persons who have obtained Bulgarian citizenship already and four or five potential applicants and/or people who have already started their citizenship applications. In each panel, there will be also a moderator who will be coordinating the discussions.

As the number of enquiries is larger than the foreseen number of participants, we will allocate slots to those who are already in the process of applying for Bulgarian citizenship and those who we believe are seriously considering to start their applications. Only these candidates will be shortlisted and will receive personalized invitation to join the panels.

Looking back at year 2020

2020 was a tough year for the World. We were faced with the tiniest, but most cruel enemy of all – covid19. Many people lost their businesses and unfortunately, many of us have lost dear friends and relatives. Luckily, now that we have vaccines against the virus, we firmly believe that 2021 will be the year of change and soon, hopefully very soon, we will all get our normal lives back.

2020 was also the year when people realized how fragile the world economy can be. We all saw how printing money burns our pockets and how important is to make the right investment in due course.

Did you know that in 2020, the US printed more Dollars in one month only than there were printed in two centuries before?

Cointelegraph – the future of money

Citizenship by investment – much harder to get and far more expensive now

Investment citizenship, especially in the EU, has become much more expensive and hard to get in 2020. The EU governments don’t really need investment money from would be citizens. The ECB money printing supply is such that the European economies are not interested in the “tiny1” investments from the citizenship candidates. Cyprus has cancelled its CBI program and Malta has basically done the same. Bulgaria is also considering tightening its program’s conditions.

1 “tiny” in comparison with the quantitative easing programs of the big central banks

As result of the monetary policies and the covid12 pandemic, many have realized that one of the wisest investment is the investment in one’s freedom. And no freedom is real without the right citizenship and the liberties that come with it.

Virtual video meeting for the lucky ones who have obtained Bulgarian citizenship by investment in 2020

zoom meeting

We are organizing a video conference for all who have managed to get hold of their Bulgarian passport in 2020. These are the bravest of the bravest as it was a real challenge during the covid lockdowns.

The meeting will be held on Monday, January 18th 2021 and will be held over Zoom.

We encourage also everyone who hasn’t yet applied for Bulgarian CBI to contact us so we can organize their participation in the meeting. The same applies to our clients who are still in the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. Please contact us at least 3 working days before the event is scheduled to take place.

Please note that we will need written consent of all participants to comply with the GDPR.

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