Bulgarian citizenship by origin vs investment

Success rate matters

One of the most important question that any citizenship applicant should ask himself is:

How likely is that my citizenship application will be approved?

In the last six to nine months, the success rate for Bulgarian citizenship by origin has dropped significantly. At the same time, citizenship by investment is booming and, touch wood, all applications are progressing flawlessly.

Why are there so many rejections for citizenship by origin

The reason behind the poor performance of the citizenship by origin applications is mainly the lack of expertise by the applicants. While virtually all investment citizenship candidates are utilizing professional legal support, citizenship by origin is believed to be an easy and straightforward procedure. Therefore many candidates, mainly from North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania, are trying their luck “on their own”. The “ultra legal compliance” policy of the Bulgarian authorities however proves to be just too much for these applicants.

If not “on their own”, many of the citizenship by origin applicants from neighboring countries fall victims of unscrupulous scammers, thereby destroying all their chances to obtain citizenship.

Especially Macedonians are facing extreme difficulties and rejections across the board. We urge you to read the following articles (in Bulgarian):

Serious problems also face clients from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.

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