North Macedonia city

It is not a secret that there are many applications by Macedonian citizens to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin. And this is quite logical – North Macedonia and Bulgaria share the same history throughout the ages. The two countries are considered by many to be the closest of all in the region.

Rejections to grant Bulgarian citizenship to Macedonians across the board

In the last year or so, the percentage of rejected Macedonians for Bulgarian citizenship by origin has skyrocketed. Why is that and what are the feasible options to appeal? Are the Bulgarian laws being violated and do we need to see some legislative changes? Are the ethnic Bulgarians from other countries like Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, etc. facing the same problems? You can read more in the article of – Bulgarian citizenship for Macedonians.

If you are of Bulgarian origin and are living in North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine or Russia. And if you are planning to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin. Or if you have already applied, but your citizenship application has been rejected, contact us immediately for support.

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