Bulgarian CIP

In fact, did the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program (Bulgarian CIP) ever existed? No matter how stupid this question may sound to the ones in the knowing, its being asked more and more in the recent months. Since the end of 2018, news are being spread around the world thatContinue Reading

address in Bulgaria

The importance of ultimate legal compliance for each and every Bulgarian citizenship by investment application Bulgarian address – prerequisite to obtain Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Bulgarian citizenship by investment application implies having permanent residency in the country. The right to reside permanently in Bulgaria requires from the applicant to haveContinue Reading

girl holding Bulgarian pasport

The huge difference between citizenship and residency. Something that is often being neglected. Citizenship from all over the world have been marketing for decades citizenship for investment programs of tiny Caribbean countries (isles) and more recently, citizenship of Malta and Cyprus (EU citizenship). So far so good. The business climateContinue Reading

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Our representative office in Hong Kong – the legal small print The process of obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment is comprehensive procedure that requires investment in Bulgarian equities, listed on the Bulgarian stock exchange or in Bulgarian state bonds (ie Eurobonds). In its core, becoming Bulgarian citizen is a processContinue Reading

Citizenship and Investments LTD in China

Its important to be comfortable with uncertainty. Xiaolu Guo Our team, with the support of the consultants from VD&A, participated at the International Expo – Emigration & Luxury Property, which was held in Shanghai on March 22-23th 2018 in the Sheraton Pudong Hotel. Our panelist Mr Alexander Dobrinov was invited by the organizersContinue Reading

Hong Kong

You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you. Nury Vittachi Our partner – lawyer Mr Hristo Vasilev addressed in Hong Kong the advantages of the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program and the related issues for the holders of British Overseas Citizenship. How is dual citizenship arranged if one holdsContinue Reading