Too young for Korea, too old for Vietnam.

Don DeLillo

Our partner, Mr Alexander Dobrinov will be participating at the “2018 Uglobal Investment Immigration Expo” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on March 6th 2018. Under the guidance of the moderator Mr Tang Tang, Mr Dobrinov and the other participants will be talking about the driving forces behind the proliferation of the Citizenship by Investment Programs. Please visit the site of the organizers for the list of speakers and the full schedule of the itinerary.

During the last years, the demand for “second citizenship” has increased tenfold. Is that mainly a result of the turbulent political situation in the world (i.e. the conflicts in the Middle East, the complex Russia-West relations) or is it more economically driven process. How is the increased demand for CBI affecting the relevant legislation within the EU and in particular the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program.

The answers to these questions will definitely be shaping the long term perspective of the CBI programs worldwide and the understanding of the true driving forces behind the current proliferation will help us shape a more predictable and sustainable “second citizenship planning”.

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