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Obtain EU (Bulgarian) permanent residency status in less than 2 months from today! Secure your future by setting a foot in Europe. No matter where you live now, having a base in the EU can be your best safety net for you and your family’s future. No investment required (the offer is only valid for residents of the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait)!

So what is this offer all about?

First of all, you will get Bulgarian (EU) permanent residency permission and EU identity card, which will allow you to reside freely in Europe indefinitely (as the term “permanent residency” implies). Please note that permanent residency is the highest status in terms of legal residency rights in Europe (not to be confused with long-term residency that is being granted to foreign workers, spouses of EU citizens, etc. and is of much lesser value). Permanent residency is inferior only to full EU citizenship.

Your permanent residency status will be arranged in 2 months after the start of the procedure and submission of the required documents.

5 years after your permanent residency card has been obtained, you will be eligible for and will receive full Bulgarian Citizenship, which is also a full EU Citizenship (also known as the semi-fast-track citizenship option). No actual residency term in Bulgaria is required, no Bulgarian language or history tests are to be taken, you can keep all your current citizenship(s), etc. What more can you wish for?

And best of all – no investment is required on your side! We have developed two options for you to proceed further, namely the Silver and the Gold packages.

The Silver Package for only 7500 EUR

Included in the package is all inclusive legal and consultancy support in order to obtain:

1. Bulgarian (EU) permanent residency permission and Bulgarian ID card

The permanent residency permit will be obtained in 60 days and the ID card will be issued in one to two week afterwards. Your permanent residency status will allow you to live unrestricted in Europe and to secure a safe haven in the EU should the situation in your home country changes for the worse.

2. EU driving license

Immediately after your permanent residency has been arranged and provided that you already hold driving license from your country, you can obtain Bulgarian EU driver’s license.

2. Bulgarian (EU) citizenship and Bulgarian passport

European Union citizenship will provide you not only unrestricted residency, working, voting and other rights within the EU, but will also enable you to travel visa-free to virtually any country in the world.

The Gold Package for only 9999 EUR

The “Gold Package” includes all of the services from the “Silver Package”, plus additionally:

1. Unconditional money-back guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don’t obtain either your permanent residency or your full EU citizenship, we will reimburse all amounts paid. Yes, that’s right. Even in the case if you obtain your permanent residency, but you don’t get your citizenship in time, we will reimburse all fees pad so your permanent residency will be entirely free of charge.

2. Fully set-up Bulgarian Limited Liability Company

You will get brand new, fully operational Bulgarian LTD so you can immediately route your international transaction through this entity. You will enjoy the lowest corporate tax in the whole EU, assets protection and much more. We will include free accountancy services for the first year of operation, irrespectively of the company’s turnover. The company comes with fully operational bank account and VAT registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to be resident of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain or Kuwait in order to be able to apply under this promotion?

  • Yes, only legal residents of the above mentioned countries can apply for permanent residency and citizenship under these promotional terms. If you are legal resident of another country, please refer to the generic Citizenship by Investment Program.

Do I need to provide clean criminal record in order to apply for Bulgarian residency and citizenship?

  • Yes, clean criminal record is absolute must in order to qualify. Please note however that many (non-serious) crimes expire by law after certain period of time. This means that in many cases, after passing certain amount of time, a legal procedure may be initiated so you can claim your clear police record back (depending on the jurisdiction). If you have any questions in this respect, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In your Citizenship by Investment section, you mention that an investment in bonds/shares has to be made in the amount of 1024000 EUR, or eventually 512000 EUR for the “semi-fast-track option”. How is it possible to apply under this promotion without any investment?

  • The promotional terms of this offer utilize the so called “buying on margin”, similar to what is known as the “financed option”. In other words, a loan is provided to buy the required bonds, which loan is guaranteed by the bonds themselves. The debit interest rate that is due for the provided loan is so low at the moment (largely because of the extremely low interest rates on the global financial markets) that it is almost entirely offset against the coupon (the credit interest) that the bonds pay out. There is still a small difference (as the financing debit rate is higher than the credit coupon of the bond), which difference is included in the quoted price of the promotion – 7500 EUR for the Silver Package and 9999 EUR for the Gold Package. For you, the Client, it simply means that you need not make any investment and that everything is covered by the price of the chosen package.

You mention, in the Gold Package conditions, that there is unconditional money-back guarantee. How can I be sure, that in case I don’t obtain either the permanent residency or citizenship, my money will be returned to me in full?

  • For our Gold Option, we will provide you with first-class EU bank guarantee letter, which will secure your repayment for 100%. To our knowledge, there is no other entity in the world to offer similar backing.

Are my family members also included in the price of the offer?

  • No – each family member can be optionally included against an additional fee of 1000 EUR per person, irrespectively of the package chosen.

Do I need to pass language or history exams in order to obtain my residency and citizenship?

  • No, you need not pass any exams under this program.

If I decide to proceed, am I guaranteed a slot in the program under the current promotion?

  • No – your slot will be confirmed only after we complete our preliminary due diligence for the main applicant, which procedure is completely free under this promotional terms.

What do I have to do if I want to proceed with my application under this promotion?

  • In order to proceed, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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