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The importance of 101% legal compliance The application procedure for Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment is a comprehensive legal process. During the procedure, the applicant has to meet wide range of legal requirements. Obviously, in the core of the program is the requirement to invest either 1024000 EUR or 512000 EUR.Continue Reading

Recently, one of the largest Russian sites for migration issues, publishes material for Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program. For the unfamiliar we will briefly explain. “Citizenship by Investment” is a program available only from several European countries (which can be counted on the fingers of one hand). Bulgaria has beenContinue Reading

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The importance of ultimate legal compliance for each and every Bulgarian citizenship by investment application Bulgarian address – prerequisite to obtain Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Bulgarian citizenship by investment application implies having permanent residency in the country. The right to reside permanently in Bulgaria requires from the applicant to haveContinue Reading

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Bulgarian legislation enables the investor to utilize the most favorable EU tax regime Do you remember the famous “Dutch sandwich“? No, don’t think about your lunch today. We mean the famous company structure that was so actively used in the years prior to when Bulgaria joined the EU (2007). ItContinue Reading

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Our representative office in Hong Kong – the legal small print The process of obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment is comprehensive procedure that requires investment in Bulgarian equities, listed on the Bulgarian stock exchange or in Bulgarian state bonds (ie Eurobonds). In its core, becoming Bulgarian citizen is a processContinue Reading

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Citizenship of Ukraine – not an EU citizenship, though a nice alternative for EU visa-free travel Ukraine has made its choice for its European (Union) future For most people, Ukraine is only known for its beautiful girls, excellent food and that it shares common history with Russia and the SovietContinue Reading